A two-round draft of eligible NFL players to be drawn up in the 1980s

In recent weeks, the Bleacher Report has reviewed many NFL projects retrospectively. Although it’s fun to read, I’ve been thinking about how difficult it would be to rewrite an entire decade.

After making a two-round design of all eligible players in the 1990s, we want to do the same in the 1980s. As there are currently 32 teams, 32 players are selected in each round.

A lot of people will disagree with the way it’s organized, and that’s understandable. There really are a lot of players who change the game, so it wasn’t easy to put them in the right order in the design. Forty-two of the 64 drawings are in the pantheon of professional football, and one is not even registered (the kicker Morten Andersen).

Many players who did not participate in the rewrite have been carefully considered. They are Morten Andersen, Jay Hilgenberg, Mark Duper, Mark Clayton, Boomer Asison, Eugene Robinson, Jesse Tuggle, Ken Norton, Tim McDonald, Henry Thomas, Hardy Nickerson, Andre Rison, Albert Lewis, Joey Browner, Irving Fryar, Nate Newton, Deron Cherry, Jim Everett, Bernie Cosar, Bruce Armstrong, Winnie Testaverde, Carnell Lake, Bill Romanowski, Steve McMichael, Clyde Simmons, Seth Joyner and many others.

(Due to the limitation of the characters, the blur was omitted in the second round. All above statistics are taken from the Professional Football Manual).

First round

  • 1. Jerry Rice, BP (1985 – 16th place overall).

Rice is the absolute leader in many categories, including reception (1549), reception areas (22,895) and landings (197).

He has won three Super Bowls with 49 players, was voted best player of the year twice in the attack and ten times on the first All-Pro team.

  • 2. John Elway, Buy More (1983 – 1st place overall).

Elway, who was named MVP in 1987, led the Broncos to victory in the Super Bowl in his last two seasons (he was MVP Super Bowl in the second season).

As the starting quarterback, he passed the Star 148-82-1 and dropped 300 touchdown passes.

  • 3. Dan Marino, Buy More (1983 – 27th place overall).

In his historic career, Marino has led the competition five times in passing and three times in passing. In its 17-year career (all with the Dolphins), the MVP was 61,361 passing yards and 420 passing touchdowns in 1984.

  • 4. Lawrence Taylor, LB (1981 – 2nd place general)

When he was appointed MVP in 1986, Taylor was only the second advocate of these awards (no one has been there since). He was a top professional for the first six seasons (and eight of the first nine), and in 1984-1990 he had a double-digit dismissal rate for seven consecutive years.

  • 5. Reggie White, DA (1984 – 4th on the supplementary list).

The double defender from 1987 and 1998, White, is on the list of all time with 198 bags. In 15 seasons in the NFL he was called Pro Bowler 13 times, 8 times First Team All-Pro and Super Bowl champion with the Packers.

  • 6. Barry Sanders, RB (1989 – 3rd place in the general list).

If Saunders had played more than ten seasons, he’d have a bigger case.

He was named the offensive player of the year twice, won the MVP award in 1997, jumped 99.8 meters in a game of his career (second for Jim Brown) and was named professional bowler in every season he played.

  • 7. Bruce Smith, DA (1985 – 1st place general)

Smith, who has always led with exactly 200 bags, was the best defender of the year in 1990 and 1996. In 13 of the 19 seasons he had a double-digit total, with a career record of 19 in 1990.

  • 8. Ronnie Lott, CBS (1981 – 8th general).

As one of the top players in his second season, Lott won four Super Cups with 49 players and was proclaimed pro player in 10 of the first 11 seasons. The 63 career places are linked to the eighth place in the history of the competition.

  • 9. Anthony Muñoz, OT (1980 – 3rd year general)

Throughout his 13-year career, Munoz has proven to be one of the best strikers ever to see the game.

He was included in the Hall of Fame of the first professional football team in the eighties of the last century and got nine marbles of the first professional team in 1981-90.

  • 10. Deion Sanders, Buy More (1989 – 5th).

Sanders, one of the biggest corners in the final, was the best defender in 1994. He won the Super Bowl back-to-back with several teams (49 players in 1994, the Cowboys in 1995), intercepted 53 passes and was six times all-pro player in the first team.

  • 11. Bruce Matthews, Executive Director (1983 – 9th place on the general list)

In 19 seasons, NFL Matthews has received 14 Pro Bowl scores, all spent on the Eulers/Titans series. It is a draw for the other four most quoted players (Merlin Olsen, Tony Gonzalez, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning).

  • 12. Rod Woodson, QB/S (1987 – 10th).

In 1993 Woodson was named Defender of the Year for the year he intercepted eight passes.

In total, the six-time First Team All-Pro scored 71 assists, the third highest score in the history of the competition.

  • 13. Mike Singletari, Los Angeles (1981 – 38th place on the general list).

The Singletarium is defender of the year twice (1985 and 1988) and has been named Pro Bowl in each of the last ten seasons. He was the first team to be included in the Hall of Fame of Professional Football in the 1980s and played an important role in defending some historic bears, including the 1985 Super Bowl.

  • 14. Steve Young, Buy More (1984 – 1st place on the supplementary list).

The Young Awards list includes two MVP’s (1992 and 1994) and the starting quarterback for winning the Super Bowl with 49 players in the 1994 season. He has led the competition six times by the number of passes and five years in a row.

  • 15. Derrick Thomas, LB (1989 – 4th place on the general list).

Thomas started his career in 1989 as Defence Rookie of the Year and was afraid to miss the game. In 1990, he led the league with 20 sacks and collected 126.5 in 11 seasons.

  • 16. Eric Dickerson, RB (1983 – 2nd place general).

It was a magical 1984 season for Dickerson, as his 2105 Speed Yards are still a single-season record that year. It was one of the four years he led the NFL in a hurry, recruiting a total of 13,259 people over the course of his career.

  • 17. Randall McDaniel, G. (1988 – 19)

McDaniel was named after the Hall of Fame for the first team in the nineties and only missed two games in his 14-year career (both in 1989). She has been appointed 12-time professional bowler and was a first All-Pro team seven times.

  • 18. Chris Dolman, DE (1985 – 4th place on the general list).

Only four players in the history of the NFL have fired the quarterback more times than Dolman, who ended his career with 150.5 points. His 44 forced falls also earned him a draw to finish sixth in the league history.

  • 19. Chris Carter, WR (1987 – 4th round, 3rd dick in the design allowance)

Between 1993 and 2000, Carter was named Pro Bowl each year, an area in which he averaged 97.4 times with 1182 yards and 11.3 touchdowns. His 130 touchdowns are the fourth time he’s played a game.

  • 20. Darrell Green, QB (1983 – 28th General)

With a remarkable 20 playing seasons (all with red skin), the Green 295 seems to be the best choice for any defender. He was a member of two Super Bowl winning teams and has won seven Pro Bowls.

  • 21. Troy Aikman, Buy More (1989 – 1st overall).

Aikman was the starting quarterback for the dominant cowboys of the nineties and helped them with three Super Bowl victories (he was the MVP of the first Super Bowl). In the years 1991-96 he participated in six Pro-Cups in a row.

  • 22. Michael Irwin, WR (1988 – 11th place overall).

On the same three Super Bowl teams as Aikman, Irwin ended his career with 750 traps at 11,904 meters. The 1,523 retirement homes were taken over in 1991.

  • 23. Jim Kelly, Buy More (1983 – 14th place on the general list).

While none of the Billas could win, Kelly led the Billas to four consecutive Super Bowls in the 1990-1993 seasons. In 1991 he won the first all-pro team championship, when he was at the top of the penalty standings. In 1990 he was in first place in the rankings and in the percentage of goals scored.

  • 24. Ricky Jackson, Los Angeles (1981 – 51st overall).

Jackson has had at least 11 sacks in six seasons and 128 in his 14-year career. He won six Pro Cups (four in a row since 1983-86) and won the Super Cup with 49 players in the 1994 season.

  • 25. Thurman Thomas, RB (1988 – 40th place on the general list).

At the same AFC Championship teams as Kelly, Thomas was MVP in 1991 when he ran 1407 meters and 631 others have contributed to his acceptance. In the years 1989-96 he travelled 1,000 meters for eight consecutive years.

  • 26. Gary Zimmerman, OT (1984 – 3rd place on the supplementary list).

Zimmerman was one of the most important left-handed players in the game during his tenure and played in 16 games in nine of the twelve seasons. He won the Super Broncos Cup and was named after seven Pro Bowls.

  • 27. Mike Munchak, G. (1982 – 8th place on the general list)

Munchak was pro cup in nine of his last ten seasons, and in 1987 and 1991 he became the first all-professional champion. In 2001 she was included in the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

  • 28. Tim Brown, WR (1988 – 6th general).

From 1993 to 2001, Brown ended each season with at least 76 receptions and 1012 drop-in centers. In the history of the NFL, he is ranked seventh in his entire career, both in reception (1094) and catering (14,934).

  • 29. Markus Allen, RB (1982 – grade 10)

MVP 1985, Allen was also named MVP Super Bowl in the 1983 season when the Raiders defeated the Redskins. Only Emmitt Smith and LaDinian Tomlinson scored more points on the field than Allen, who made 123 quick touchdowns.

  • 30. Dermontti Dawson, C (1988 – 44th on the general list).

Dawson started every game at the Steelworkers Centre for ten consecutive years, starting in 1989-98. For six consecutive seasons, from 1993 to 98, he was the first member of the all-pro team.

  • 31. Kevin Green, LB (1985 – 113th place).

Green was the leader of the pocket game in 1994 and 1996 and ended his career for the third time with 160 points. He had a two-digit number in this department for 10 of the last 12 seasons.

  • 32. Andre Reed, WR (1985 – 86th General)

As the third player in four Bills Super Bowl appearances, Reed has been nominated for the Super Bowl for seven consecutive years since 1988-94. He ended his career with more than 13,000 entrance gardens.


  • 33. Dwight Stevenson, C (1980 – 48th general).
  • 34. Richard Dent, DA (1983 – 203rd place on the general list).
  • 35. Howie Long, DE (1981 – 48th place overall)
  • 36. Monks of art, PR (1980 – 18th place general)
  • 37. Andre Tippet, LB (1982 – 41st general)
  • 38. Steve Atwater, South Carolina (1989-20th grade)
  • 39. Charles Haley, DE (1986 – 96th total)
  • 40. Steve Wisniewski, G (1989 – 29th place on the general list).
  • 41. Sam Mills, Los Angeles (1981 – unknown).
  • 42. Sterling Sharp, BP (1988 – 7th place overall)
  • 43. Russ Grimm, G (1981 – 69th place)
  • 44. Roger Craig, RB (1983 – 49th on the General List).
  • 45. Carl Mecklenburg, LB (1983 – 310. in total)
  • 46. Kenny Easley, S. (1981 – 4th place general).
  • 47. Eric Allen, Buy More (1988 – Grade 30 overall).
  • 48. Pat Svilling, LB (1986 – 60th general).
  • 49. Wilber Marshall, Los Angeles (1984 – 11th place on the general list).
  • 50. Lomas Brown, OT (1985 – 6th on the General List).
  • 51. Jimbo Covert, OT (1983 – 6th place overall)
  • 52. Henry Ellard, WR (1983 – 32nd place general)
  • 53. Randall Cunningham, Buy More (1985 – 37th on the general list).
  • 54. Rich Gannon, QB (1987 – 98th place)
  • 55. Neil Smith, DE (1988 – 2nd place general)
  • 56. Leslie O’Neill, DE/LB (1986 – 8. total)
  • 57. Greg Lloyd, LB (1987 – 150th place)
  • 58. Chris Hinton, OT/G (1983 – 4th place overall)
  • 59. Ray Childress, DE/DT (1985 – 3rd year of general studies)
  • 60. Michael Dean Perry, DT (1988 – 50th place on the general list)
  • 61. Gary Clarke, WR (1984 – 55th General)
  • 62. Everson Walls, C.B. (1981 – illegible)
  • 63. Joe Jacoby, OT. (1981 – unknown)
  • 64. Cornelius Bennett, Los Angeles.

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