Afghan forces intercept Taliban fighters, find Jaish terrorist training for Kashmir-India news.

The casual opening of the Jayish-e-Mohammed Global Terrorist Unit in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province on Monday night confirmed the Indian intelligence assessment that Pakistani ISI has resumed training of individual terrorist groups for Kashmir in war-torn Afghanistan, the Hindustan Times reported.

Afghan troops attacked Muhmand Dar in Nangarhar, allegedly a Taliban camp, resulting in bloody shootings. After a clash reported to the Afghan security forces on 13 and 14 March, the Afghan government was forced to withdraw from the country. When the attack on 4 April killed four people at night, security officials discovered that only 5 of the 15 people killed were Afghan Taliban. The other ten were Jayist-e-Muhammad terrorists trained to fight in Jammu and Kashmir.

A Jeesh terrorist survived the shooting and was captured.

Counter-terrorism experts in New Delhi and Kabul told HT that Masood Azhar Jayish-e-Mohammed, who shares the same deobandi umbilical cord as the Taliban, apparently runs three camps (called Mustaqil) and four Taliban camps in Nangarhar Province. These camps have been identified as Hogany I, Hogany II and Darga camps in Nangarhar Province and were provided by the Taliban to replace the Haqqani Network established in JEM camps in Pakistan.

The Hindustan Times has access to photos and videos of the collision. One of these pictures shows some of the weapons the Afghan security forces seized from the camp: two mortar grenades, a rocket and two AK rifles.

Afghan security forces have discovered mortars and other firearms at the site of a bloody confrontation with Taliban and Jaisha
fighters (
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Maulana Masood Azhar, who has been on India’s wanted list for years, is incapacitated for health reasons and lives at the headquarters of the Markaz-e Usman-o-Ali terrorist group in Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

His younger brother, Mufti Rauf Asgar, leads a Jaisha horror show.

The Secret Service also trained the son of Mufti Rauf Asgar, the actual leader of the Jaisha, in these camps, which, according to the Secret Service, are led by the former veteran of the Afghan war, Mufti Harkat-ul-Mujahid Asgar Kashmiri. His second commander in these camps is a specialist in infiltrating Jaisha Abdullah, alias Asadullah, in Kashmir.

We have photographic evidence that Kashmir and Abdullah are on terrorist launch pads in Pakistani-occupied Kashmir, a HT official said.

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According to information provided to the Indian security forces, the inhabitants of Kashmir Yasin, Umar, Said and Mansour, as well as Bahawalpur’s head coaches Chacha Vagah, Junaid and Kari Sahab, were already in the country on the 29th day of the meeting. March Kashmir and Abdullah into the camp.

The total strength of Hodjiani I camp is 23 employees and seven trainers, while Hodjiani II camp and Darga have 66 employees, excluding trainers and logistics staff.

Radicalised personnel regularly undergo 15 days of training, followed by six months of training with Jundullah (Command), before being accepted for J&K. This team has also been trained in the jungle of the Kunar Reserve, near the border with Nuristan, to survive in the jungle.

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Miniature copies have been made of the areas around their launch pads in Niluma, Sharda, Kele, Atmukam, Leip, Kotli and on the front coast, over the Line of Control (LOC), to inform them of the intrusion into J&K.

Intelligence agencies already report that Pakistani terrorist groups have agreed to send about 230 terrorists across the line of demarcation.

India’s national security planners also look with some concern at general developments in Afghanistan as the United States withdraws and the Taliban prepare to fight the Ashraf Ghani regime for a place in Kabul.

It is clear that once the Taliban take control of Kabul, Pakistan will reach strategic depth throughout Afghanistan and use that land to launch terrorist attacks against India, an anti-terrorism officer in New Delhi said.