Amazon Worker At Eastvale Facility Tests Positive For COVID-19 –

EASTVALE (CBSLA) – An Amazonian worker at the execution centre in the Eastvale river district tested positive for the coronavirus, the second confirmed case among Amazonian workers in the Inner Empire.

The 30th. March 2020 Amazon employees in New York are protesting and assessing working conditions at the company’s distribution plant on Staten Island. (Getty Images)

On Sunday, the Amazon confirmed on CBS2 that the employee is recovering.

All employees who came into close contact with the patient went home and asked for a 14-day self-quarantine. During this period they will receive full sickness benefit, Amazon said.

Last week the employee of the Amazon program in the Moreno Valley also tested positive for the coronavirus. Following this news, an employee of the Moreno Valley plant told CBS2 that Amazon was not doing enough to protect its workers.

They care about money, not their people, said Laura Williamson, an employee of Amazonia. But we robots, or, I mean, colleagues, that’s what keeps this company going.

Amazon told CBS2 that it had taken numerous preventive health and safety measures to contain the spread of the virus, including thorough cleaning of buildings, crews and astonishing disturbances, and the introduction of social distance requirements.

Earlier this month, Amazon suppliers informed Amazon that its sales centers would only accept shipments of medical and household goods due to the extremely high demand for these goods. It also announced that it would hire 100,000 new employees.

The Inner Empire has thousands of distribution warehouses through which virtually all of Southern California’s major raw materials pass every day.

Riverside County reported 291 confirmed cases of VIDOC-19 on Monday, including nine deaths.