As Delhi’s firemen begin sanitisation efforts, applause from balconies

The author: Somya Lakhani
| New Delhi

Published : 11. April 2020, 2:47:07

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18,000 litres of sodium hypochlorite with water were used to disinfect Jungpur, Jungpur Expansion and Bhogal. (express photo)

Fireman Nirbhai Singh Mina (52) made a polite announcement Thursday morning in Jangpur, southeast Delhi: We’re here for you. We’ll be very careful, but if any of the sprinklers hurt anything, please forgive us in advance. Bura mat maaniyega. And then began the process of clearing houses, shops, parks, temples and mosques, bus stops and alleyways in Janpur, the expansion of Janpur and Bhogal – areas near Nizamuddin, the Coronavirus hotspot.

Three other firefighters, Jai Prakash, Chap Singh and Deepak Dagar, accompanied the mine. Although the men expected the people to cooperate, they did not expect loud applause on the balconies of the local residents, who thanked them for their good work.

The video with the applauding people was posted on Twitter by Daria Ganja Yasmin Kidwai. The Delhi Fire Service (DFS) has been recruited to clean up areas of the capital that are close to the coronavirus. The director of DFS, Atul Garg, said that two fire stations, four fire trucks and 16 firefighters were used for plumbing work only.

On Thursday, the men at the three locations used 18,000 liters of sodium hypochlorite mixed with water and were instructed by officers in the southern district.

Fortunately, the range of a hose attached to a fire truck – 30 metres – is so large that men do not have to enter narrow alleys or spaces. I’ve spoken with officials from the Department of Health who said that since people have no contact with COVID-19 patients or even enter restricted rooms, they’re at low risk, Garg said.

Men are equipped with a cotton mistar, rubber boots, gloves, a special helmet with goggles, face protection and a mask. They were ordered not to come in, he added.

He said that in the event that men are required to enter a restricted area for health activities, six personal protective equipment (PPEs) have been provided to the southern department of the ICD.

Mina, who reported in 1996 and was one of the members of the fire department during a fire at the Ufaar cinema in 1997, said he was not afraid of anything.

The father of four said: Firemen can save people, that’s our job, and it’s no different. I am proud of my work, but today’s applause was overwhelming and very encouraging. We’ll come back tomorrow.

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