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Downstairs, if you can’t do it at first…

Capy’s Below, who takes responsibility for his extreme difficulties and his time, returns with a new and very forgiving gameplay.

There’s been a lot of talk about Animal Crossing: The New Horizons were published at an ideal time. It was a total misfortune, but it turned out to be the perfect game for containment with its flowing game, idyllic setting and total lack of pressure. There is much talk about the opposite in what follows, but even this revised version of PlayStation 4 may come at the right time, because all it deserves is time and patience, and for better or worse, most people now have a lot of both.

The following text was originally published at the end of 2018, and despite the fact that many years had passed, it was immediately ignored by everyone. Going out a few days before Christmas didn’t help, but the biggest problem was that it was cruelly difficult, or rather his punishment for failure. We have rarely played modern games that had so little respect for your time, and although it was a well-designed Rogelia with great graphics and sound, it was a very demanding game.

We were afraid that the developer of Capy would fail, but fortunately he turned away from the mobile success of Grindstone and is now back in Below, bringing it to PlayStation 4 for the first time and introducing a whole new gameplay mode far less demanding than the original. Although, if you’re a masochist, you know that, too.

Below is a game in the style of Rougel, and in its original form – a survival game. In the beginning there is no explanation of what is going on and how to play the game, and the game reluctantly offers only the most basic management instructions. The visual effects and music, the latest from Capy’s usual author Jim Guthrie, are gorgeous, with an unusual view from above that extends far beyond normal, making your little silhouette on the screen look particularly fragile and helpless.

However, the first few hours are all very exciting as you learn to balance the strange and forced camera angle and deal with the dense fog and constant darkness, making it even more difficult to spot enemies and traps in advance. Even the shipbuilding system is not as impenetrable as it seems at first glance. And then we die and lose everything. And then it happens again, this time because you’re starving…

You can enjoy it below its originally intended value, but it is an important task that offers too little reward for too much effort. Still, the satisfaction with the progress is great, but that’s why the dark souls look like cookie snappers.

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Underneath it is simpler, but not so easy (Fig.: Capi).

At the time of the original release, we said survival elements were too important to add anything other than frustration and anger. And the main difference between the original survival mode and the new exploration mode is that almost all those parts have been removed.

Hunger and thirst are no longer a problem, fires only die when you need them, there are no more deaths from a single blow and generally less work to worry about and get in the way. However, the game is still not well explained and the fight is the same in many ways – although last time it was an aspect of a hard but fair approach that was not at the top of the list.

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The end result is a much more accessible game than in the first round, and although many will still find it too complex and esoteric, it is now more a matter of taste than an unbalanced game. The search mode will of course soon be added to the Xbox One and PC versions for free, but regardless of the format in which you play it, we appreciate that there is one game that we can recommend with relatively few reservations.

There is what is too difficult, and the original version of Below has proven that, but there is also what is a second chance, and the exploration mode has managed to turn Below into a game that everyone can enjoy without compromising the original vision.


Here is a summary of the PS4 overview

In a moment: The crazy complexity of the original has been softened by a new, more accessible mode that makes it one of the best bagels of the generation.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah: Amazing works of art and music. A clever combination of procedure-generated cards and handmade decorations. The search is much more forgiving and fun, but survival is always there for those who want it.

Delays: Lack of grip in the game sometimes gives the impression that the game is turned, and a strange camera angle and incomprehensible images can make it difficult to quickly read the map layout.

Period: 8/10

Formats : Prices for PlayStation 4 (with preview), Xbox One and PC
: 19.99 Lbs
Editor : Developer of Capy
: Release date of Capy
: 7. April 2020 Age classification
: 12

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