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Big Ed and Rosemary Vega will probably be on 90 Day Fiance as their relationship evolves towards reconciliation or breakup. In the next episode the actors spend up to 90 days planning a romantic dinner in one of the hotels. Rose thinks this might be the night he finally proposes to her, Alien says. In the episode For Sunday 90 Days Ago the teasers show how excited Rosemary Vega is about the prospect of a wedding. But it’s clear Ed still has his doubts about what’s bothering her.

In confession, Ed said he loved rosemary. However, an incident prevented him from getting married immediately. He said he was still worried about the message he had received from Mary, Rosemary’s older sister.

Big Ed and monetary disagreements

Ed Brown was at 90. The day the fiancée was always a singer when Maria asked him for money. According to the Big Ed, Maria sent him a message before she left for the Philippines. She would have asked him for money to keep her store open.

She also told him not to tell Rosemary about her request. Ed decided not to give him any money. But that made him a little suspicious of Rosemary’s true intentions.

According to theedition, Rosemary Vega considers this to be afood bill.

Because of this incident, Ed Brown is no longer sure he wants to marry Rosemary Vega. He fears she sees it as her way out of poverty in the Philippines. Big Ed temporarily experienced the poverty that Rosemary and her family experienced every day when he stayed with them.

A California photographer had to sleep on the floor during his visit. He also had to swim with Rosemary’s father because they didn’t want to waste the water. This experience got Ed thinking about the future of their relationship. He also wonders if Rosemary really has feelings for him.

Big Ed goes negative for playing in theseries

In other news from the 90 Day Alliance, the Big Ed is still receiving negative comments and messages online.

He’s been in the middle of an online firestorm for the past few weeks because of his actions in 90 days. Last month he was angry with Rosemary after he told her to take an STD test. Rosemary did not grant this request and expressed her disappointment and insult. Fans also criticized Big Ed when he told his girlfriend she was as hairy as he was. He told her to shave her legs to make her more attractive. For many fans it was another manifestation of Ed’s main character. Some of them also expressed concern about Rosemary Vega, because she might not understand what she was getting into.

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