Body Camera Footage Brooks Arrest Released

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Pictures taken from a body camera, where Reichard Brooks (left) talks to officers Bronsen (right) and Rolfe.

Atlanta P.D. released footage of one of the officers involved in the Rayshard Brooks shooting.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Brooks, who was from Atlanta, Georgia, was asleep during Wendy’s trip when someone called the police to complain. When the police arrived, there was a fight that ended in Brooks’ death. The GBI issued a second statement in which it noted the availability of additional videos and stated that it would continue to investigate the incident.

After the shooting, Officer Garrett Rolf was released and police chief Erica Shields from Atlanta resigned.

The plot shows the officers and the brooks quietly dealing with each other until they are handcuffed

APD body cam recordings on the Reichard Brooks camera 1APD body cam recordings on the Reichard Brooks camera 12020-06-14T04:48:07Z

The video shows Officer Garrett Rolf approaching Officer Devin Bronsan for the first time. He tells Rolf that he found Brooks unconscious at the wheel and that although Brooks said he had only had one drink, he thought Brooks was more drunk than he was.

Open the door… smells pretty good like alcohol from the car, his eyes are watery and glassy, (he) words unreadable, I don’t know where he was and told me he’d had a drink before, standard size.

Brooks said he met his sister at Wendy’s, had a date with her, and that she took him there for dinner before he had to go back to the hotel.

Rolf asked Brooks several times if he knew where he was:

I’m in Forest Park, on the old Dixie Highway… Brooks says…
So you think you’re in Forest Park now? asks Rolph.
I’m on the Old Dixie Highway in Clayton County, says Brooks.
No, it’s not, Rolf.
Well, Forrest Park, Georgia, says Brooks.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Jonesborough, Georgia, Brooks said.
No, you want to try again? Rolf asks, and Brooks insists he’s on the old Dixie Highway again.

The fight took place after Brooks refused to put his hands on his back

Finally, Rolf asks how much Brooks has been drinking.

I took a drink, Brooks said, and I said he hadn’t taken any drugs and that he didn’t have any physical defects that prevented him from walking or balancing.

Rolf Pats Brooks and then performs some austerity tests in the field.

When asked by the officers, Brooks answered that he had only had one drink, margarita. Then he said he didn’t have any margaritas and only a green daiquiri. About half an hour later, Brooks said on videotape that he had been drinking for an hour and a half.

After Rolf Brooks gives him the breath test, he says I think you drank too much to drive, so put your hands behind your back for me.

At this point, Brooks tries to wrestle his left hand out of Rolf’s hands to prevent him from being handcuffed, and a fight ensues in which the camera on Rolf’s body is torn out. Officers can be heard when they give multiple orders and warnings:

Stop fighting.
You’ll be electrocuted.
Stop it!
You’re gonna get a damn electric shock.
Don’t touch the taser.
Stop fighting.
He’s got my fucking shock.

You can hear the sound of three gunshots.

Later: Hands behind your back, over and over again: Stop fighting!

Someone in the back might hear this: What the hell is this? He was unarmed… …totally useless.

Other video footage shows a fight between Brooks and agents of.

Reichard Brooks | A look at Wendy’s CCTV recordings The video shows what happens in the moments before the recordings of Reichard Brooks.2020-06-14T03:41:40Z

The short video shows Brooks shaking his left hand and refusing to let the officer standing in front of him push his hand behind his back, the officer standing behind Brooks and holding Brooks by his upper body (synchronously) in front of him. The fight on the ground ends when Brooks with something yellow in his right hand resembles a stun gun, and one of the officers points a stun gun-like object at Brooks.

Brooks starts running away from the officers, passing the camera and running away from the image while the other two officers chase him.

Wendy’s security video was made after the three men recorded the first video. You can see Brooks is running. He turns to the officers who follow him for a second time and then send the officers away again. At the same time, the nearest officer of Brooks seems to have lifted his arm.

The video that follows shows the two officers over Brooks’ body.

Rolfe says Brooks shot him at least once with a stun gun.

Rayshard Creek body camera, Rayshard Creek shot Atlanta, Atlanta P.D. shot, Rayshard Creek killed.

YouTubeRolfe is talking to two other officials.

About 41 minutes after the other agents arrived at the scene, Rolf seems to have put the camera back on his body.

At one point Rolf returns to the police car and mumbles into his belongings, towels, the object he seems to be looking for.

When he returns to the scene of the crime, he meets another officer who asks him if he’s okay.

Rolf said: Yeah, I’m fine. Well, then: Don’t you have any disinfectant wipes? I just felt blood on my elbow, I don’t know if it’s mine or his, but I want to get rid of it.

Another member of staff asked if he had called his representative.

Rolf says yes and goes back to Bronsan and another officer. He’s about to talk about a taser and say: Ever since he fucked me. Then Rolf Bronsen asked if he had been injured and Bronsen replied that he had felt it but could not see it.

In a conversation with another officer, Rolf talks about a stun gun: He definitely shot me once.

Around 58:40 with the video, another officer searches Rolf, asks him if he’s okay and starts saying if he can help.

Rolf said: Any news on Mr. Brooks?

I didn’t check, sorry, the other officer said. We’ll get it for you.

The video ends when Rolf returns to the station and a camera records his body.

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