Brittany Brees’ emotional message after Drew Brees ‘s apology


Drew Bree of the New Orleans Saints caused some controversy earlier this week about his kneeling position during the national anthem. Since then, the veteran quarterback has apologized several times for his comments. And now, after Drew apologized, his wife gave Brittany an emotional message.

Because of all the rejections they received, Brittany went to Instagram to once again apologize for the fans and those who have suffered racial injustice in today’s world.

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THE PROBLEM IS FOR US. I write these lines with tears in my eyes and I hope you all hear our hearts. I have read these quotes and scriptures a thousand times, and every time I read them, the words sink into my heart. I guess so… Only until the last few days, until we received death threats, have we known hatred… I realized those words spoke directly to us… how could anyone who knew us or communicated with us think Drew or I had a racist bone in our bodies? But that’s the point. In some ways, as white Americans, we can feel good about ourselves, not be racist, feel good about ourselves, love each other as God loves us. We can feel good raising our children about the horrors of slavery and history. We can read our children’s books about Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Hank Aaron, Barack Obama, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman… … …and feel that we help raise our children to love each other and to be unbiased and free from prejudice. Meet all African Americans who have fought for racial injustice and risked their lives. Somehow, as white Americans, we feel like we’re testing the right thing. It wasn’t until this week that Drew and I realized this was a problem. To say that I disagree with the lack of respect for the flag… Now I understand that I also said I don’t understand what the problem is, I don’t understand what you’re fighting for and I don’t want to hear anything from you because we have a biased opinion about what this flag means to us. It’s a problem we don’t listen to, white America doesn’t listen. We do not actively monitor racial prejudice. We have heard stories from men and women we have known and loved for years about the racism that has occurred in their lives … Stories that were never shared or told because they were somehow considered normal. All our friends and everyone we’ve hurt will recover… We want to do better, we want to hear from you, and we will fight for you, because we believe we are not part of the problem… That means we’re not doing enough. Our job is to educate ourselves. We’re very sorry, Brittany Bris.

Contribution of the Bris Dreamfoundation (@breesdreamfoundation) on 5. June 2020 at 13.55 Pacific time.

The first step to realise that there is a problem is to acknowledge that there is a problem first. So it is a positive sign that Drew and Brittany understand how their comments have hurt the country as a whole.

This whole situation started when Drew Bree went on Yahoo Sports and proclaimed that he wouldn’t like it if someone got down on his knees during the national anthem. He also said that if you kneel during the national anthem, you don’t respect the flag. But if you haven’t learned from Colin Kepernick, kneeling during the national anthem is never associated with the flag.

After his first remarks Drew seems to have given up his statement and understands why Kaepernick and others decided to kneel while playing the national anthem. In fact, Drew Donald Trump kept calling because he thought it was about the flag.

There is no doubt that Drew’s initial position on racial issues came at a terrible time. Although she still has to win the confidence of some fans, Bree can still do that by moving forward.

Daniel Jones, the Giants.