Detroit Coronavirus Hot Spot: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Detroit Coronavirus


The sign hangs in the window of an American Coney Island store in Detroit, Michigan, and bears the following inscription: Beating virus, one heart at a time, 24. March 2020. Detroit has become a hotspot for coronaviruses.

The coronavirus pandemic is devastating Detroit, fuelling fears that the financially strapped city is unable to provide basic health services to its most vulnerable residents, and Wayne County, Michigan, is turning into a national VIDOC 19 hotspot.

Surgeon General Jerome Adams told CBS this morning that the situation in Detroit, the national hotspot for the new coronavirus, will deteriorate and the city will experience its worst week next week. That’s what happened when Detroit Chief of Police James Craig and 39 of his agents tested positive. Last week the Detroit police captain and the civilian 911 operator died of complications as a result of KOVID-19. Besides, on the 27th. March 468 officials quarantined.

According to, Detroit has one of the highest per capita infection rates in the country, exceeding only New York City and the surrounding counties and New Orleans. Detroit also has a very high poverty rate, which contributes to health problems such as diabetes; in recent years it has even been declared the poorest city in the country.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Detroit have escalated dramatically.

Coronavirus case in Detroit

The Michigan authorities indicate that the number of confirmed coronavirus cases (COVID-19) in Michigan on 28 January 2009 is currently 4 650. This means an increase of 993 cases in one day. According to, 83% of the people who tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) were in the Detroit metro (Oakland, Macomb and Wayne).

The federal government has classified Detroit as a hot spot because up to 28. In March, according to ClickonDetroit, 1,381 deaths were reported in the city. Until the 29th. In March, 35 deaths and 1,544 cases were reported on the city’s website.

The Detroit Department of Health has just released a heat map showing the hot spots in the city where people have measured positive values. You can see it below.

Detroit Coronavirus

Detroit coronavirus cluster.

The Surgeon General said on CBS this morning that we know we can get through this. It depends on where you are, he said. According to him, communities that aggressively oppose the blocking and restriction of public gatherings are more successful.

VideoDetroit-related video becomes a coronavirus hotspot as a death spike2020-03-29T23:51:46-04:00

He then identified Detroit, New Orleans and Chicago as hot spots. He went on to say: The virus and the local community will determine the timing. He said people should be careful what the data tells them.

2. The death toll has risen to double digits in recent days and has cost the lives of everyone from the state representative to the 80-year-old man and the beloved businessman.

Captain Parnell, also known as Explorer, has always been considered an excellent leader and professional. The legacy of intelligence work will continue to flourish within the Detroit Police Department. His years of efforts to make Detroit a safer city will not be forgotten. RIH.

– James E. Craig (@ChiefJECraigDPD) 25. March 2020.

According to there were 111 dead, 19 more than the day before, the 27th. Mars. The age of the deceased is between 36 and 97 years, with an average age of 70 years. Of the dead, 68% were male and 31% female.

As for the generally positive cases in Detroit, although 51.23% of them are women, the city reports that they are also generally women. The largest group is the 50-59 age group (20.03%).

Positive cases in Detroit by age and gender from the age of 29. March 2020.

The man, a 38-year-old 911 dispatcher, died Monday and had no major medical problems known to doctors, said Dr. Robert Dunn of Wayne State University. He worked in Detroit for 11 years and 8 years as an operator, according to Fox 2 Detroit.

The second member of the department who died of the coronavirus was Captain Jonathan Parnell. According to Detroit police, he was a veteran of the department and head of homicide for 31 years.

Captain Parnell, also known as Explorer, has always been considered an excellent leader and professional, wrote Chief James Craig on his Twitter page. The legacy of intelligence work will continue to flourish within the Detroit police force. His years of efforts to make Detroit a safer city will not be forgotten. RIH.

Craig also talked about Parnell at a press conference. Officer extraordinaire. The manager. Who contributed more than I could ever say to this department and to this company, the chief said about the late commander. He valued his family and the people in the department he worked with, and we all loved him… He left behind a significant influence…

For the other victims of the Detroit coronavirus, not all names have been published. However, the family of James Harper, 80 years old, called in an interview with ClickonDetroit people to take the coronavirus seriously.

We have lost a strong and vital part of our family, a patriarch, husband, father, uncle, grandfather, friend, Shelonda Sims wrote on Facebook to honor Harper. He never met a stranger and always said something funny. He was tough but honest. You’d hardly ever see him without that smile. You’d never know his age, because he was an active, strong and witty young man.

Another man is dead: Marlow Stadamir, a famous 43-year-old consultant and entrepreneur from Detroit.

Stadamir died of complications related to KOVID-19, according to hospital staff and friends. Stadamere survived his wife, Valencia, and his two young children. The tributes are on Facebook for Stoudamire. This virus has robbed us of yours and robbed the world of your talent and your heart. She took an extraordinary husband and father from her family, wrote a friend.

According to his website, he was head of the Detroit 67 project and also worked for the Skillman Foundation and the National Hockey League.

Henry Ford Bob Rainey, Director General of Health, who was a good friend and former colleague of Stadamir, called Stadamir the extraordinary man, her husband, her boyfriend and one of the best fathers I have ever known, who today lost his life because of KOWID-19, My wife and I are saddened by this terrible loss. We will continue to fight this terrible pandemic in his honor.

Glenn Wilson wrote: I still don’t think I lost my good friend Marlowe Staudamira today. A few weeks ago, we were sitting together in our Detroit office talking about equal partnership. I’ll never forget that Gina Coleman introduced us about four years ago. He asked me at the door: Why are you in Detroit? I gave him an answer, and he said: It’s my pleasure. I was wondering who this guy was questioning me about. Ever since he took me under his wing like a real brother and said he would do anything to give us a chance in Detroit. For those of you who know Marlowe, he wasn’t interested in the games, but in the fact that he really is innocent of what makes black people happy. He introduced me to a lot of people. He sat on the phone and listened to my complaints about the sponsors and other things.

Stadamir was only 43 years old. He was responsible for public relations and diversity at Henry Ford Health Systems.

The 29th. In March, the name of state representative Isaac Robinson was added to the list of coronavirus victims in Detroit, according to the Detroit Business Crane.

3. One fifth of the police force is under quarantine.

A total of 196 civil servants are currently in quarantine, 7 of whom have been diagnosed with COWID-19. Holding a virtual swearing-in ceremony is proof of the indefinite period of time that lies ahead of us. The 2020C class is among the best in our field.

– James E. Craig (@ChiefJECraigDPD) 21. March 2020.

Quarantine police officers make up a fifth of the workforce, reports The Associated Press. Chicago Police Department is not alone; key police departments across the country are fighting the coronavirus, and more than 500 New York City cops have tested positive, AP reports.

In Detroit, some infections may have been spread by the consumption of pancakes by the public and the police. Three officials tested positive at the event on 6 March. March, and many others were quarantined, reports The Detroit Free Press, who adds that Marlow Staudamire was the host of the event.

The coronavirus epidemic destroyed many parts of Detroit. From the age of 16. From March to March 5. In April, the schools in Michigan were closed by order of Gretchen Whitmer’s government.

Whitmer said in an interview with WWJ news radio: It is very unlikely that they will go back to school by the end of the year. I haven’t made that decision yet because I want to make sure we have a plan that meets the needs of our children, and we are working on it. It’s not something that is developed overnight, because we have an unfair system throughout the state of Michigan and we have unique needs that we need to address.

4. Michigan has announced a major disaster.

Detroit Coronavirus

The 26th. From March 2020, the office of the Michigan Employment Office in Detroit, Michigan, will be located at Cadillac Place, which is currently closed due to the coronavirus, COVID-19.

In an effort to address the crisis, the authorities have ordered to move to the state of Michigan.

Monday the 23rd. In March, Michigan announced an executive order called the Residence Home, Safe Residence, which will temporarily close all non-critical businesses and force all residents to stay at home except for basic needs or within six feet of others. He starts on the 24th. Mars.

President Trump declared Michigan on Friday, March 27. Mars, in the area of the Coronavirus disaster.

VideoDetroit-related video becomes a coronavirus hotspot as a death spike2020-03-29T23:51:46-04:00

According to Gretchen Whitmer’s government office, President Trump has ordered federal aid to states, tribes and local authorities to rebuild areas affected by coronaviruses and is providing federal funds to people affected by coronaviruses, including crisis advisory funds.

The Crisis Counselling Programme is a direct support programme to help those whose mental health has been affected by the spread of VIDOC-19. The Federal Government also approved the Governor’s request for emergency measures, including funding for transport and pre-positioning of equipment, costs related to the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC), medical supplies and personal protective equipment, medical care and transport, and child care. The Governor’s request for assistance in mitigating the effects of natural disasters is currently under review with a view to facilitating emergency assistance in long-term reconstruction planning.

This morning we received 112,800 N95 masks from the National Strategic Warehouse and another 8,000 are on their way for shipment. Good news for our medical staff. We continue to work hard with FEMA and the White House to get as many PSAs as we need for Michigan security.

– Governor Gretchen Whitmer (@GovWhitmer) 28. March 2020.

The 28th. In March, Governor Whitmer twittered that he had received 112,800 N95 masks and another 8,000 on the street.

The city of Detroit proposes to take these preventive measures:

Wash hands with soap and lather for more than 20 seconds Use a hand cleanser containing 60% alcohol Avoid close personal contact with others, e.g. shaking hands Exercise social distance by keeping one meter away from other people Avoid contact with sick or potentially sick people Interrupt unnecessary movement (both with passers-by and at home) Regularly clean all surfaces with high tactile sensitivity

5. Detroit hospitals increase their capacity and carry out tests

Office of the Department of Health and Human Services of Michigan, currently located at 26. March 2020 in Detroit, Michigan is closed, under cover 19.

Michigan has launched a plan that requires hospitals outside Detroit to serve as replacement hospitals during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Hospitals provide 10% of beds for patients in overcrowded hospitals.

Yahoo News reported that the 2020 North American International Auto Show in Detroit was cancelled because FEMA chose TCF, the convention center hosting the event, as the Coronavirus Pandemic Field Hospital (COVID-19).

According to Detroit news, Metro hospital officials said they could test up to 100 patients per day with a new test introduced on Monday, rising to 200 per day by next week, and up to 1,000 per day for several weeks.

According to Michigan Radio, a leaked letter circulated on social networking sites indicating which patients would be preferred if Henry Ford’s healthcare system no longer had fans or critical care beds.

The 26th. In March, the Henry Ford Health System issued this statement, claiming that the guide is a preparation for a worst-case scenario:

I want to assure our communities that we will eat for them. Dr. Adnan Munkara, our Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer, provides additional assurance and training on contingency planning at

– Henry Ford news (@HenryFordNews) 27. March 2020.

In the event of such a pandemic, health systems must be prepared for the worst case. We have brought together the collective wisdom of representatives from across the industry and carefully developed our guidelines to provide essential guidance to healthcare professionals in making difficult decisions about patient care in an unprecedented emergency. These guidelines are deeply focused on the patient and are intended to honour patients and their families. We were happy to share our policy with colleagues across Michigan to help others develop a similarly compassionate approach. We hope that we will never have to use them and we will always do everything in our power to care for our patients, with all the means at our disposal to make this possible.

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