Dining and shopping in SLO County today •

Today the district of San Luis Obispo is officially the 29th district of the city. District of California and meets state criteria for faster California Resilience Road Map Stage 2 approval.

Today we are taking a big step forward with the National Resiliency Roadmap, said Wade Horton, District Administrator and Director of Emergency Services.

Now that San Luis Obispo County meets some of the state’s criteria for Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), it is possible to start making some changes in shops and restaurants. (NOTE: In accordance with the Kovid-19 State Guidelines for Dinner Restaurants, the State licence does not cover the opening of grill bars, pubs, breweries, except for those who do not work in Dinner Restaurants. Those who do not work in Dinner Restaurants may continue to sell food on board).

This is an important milestone on which our community is working very hard, says Dr. Penny Borenstein, District Health Commissioner. I encourage companies to plan and prepare for their reopening, implement workplace changes and adapt their practices through ongoing staff training and support for customer training.

In accordance with the roadmap for improving the stability of States, the second phase will be developed in phases. Some communities can move faster through phase 2 if they can show more progress. Counties that meet the preparedness criteria and have worked with the California Department of Health can create more jobs. All objects must be reopened before reopening:

  • Complete a detailed risk assessment and implement a site specific protection plan
  • Training of personnel to limit the spread of VIDOCs-19
  • Implementation of individual control and inspection measures, decontamination protocols and recommendations for physical separation

Local businesses that are currently open or planning to reopen can now find a ready-to-use toolkit on EmergencySLO.org/reopen to show how businesses can safely reopen under the direction of the State of Health. The toolbox contains a one-page printed self-assessment and certification form that can be reopened for companies. This form must be completed and kept on site to confirm compliance with the government’s sustainability roadmap and the health policy of the sector concerned. It also includes an Open and Secure panel that companies can print and display.

We want to make it easy for the public to recognize which companies are responsible and safe, says Dr. Borenstein. We know that when we start reopening the community, people will of course be afraid to go back to work or go to their favourite shops and restaurants or other businesses, and we hope this will reassure them.

Prior to reopening, owners or managers in SLA countries must complete and sign the COVID 19 self-assessment and certification form for each facility. By signing this form, the owner or manager of the company declares that the company adheres to the government sustainability roadmap and, in particular, that the company understands and implements the government policies applicable to its sector of activity to promote reopening and safety in the workplace.

County or city officials, company employees and customers may be asked to randomly check the form for compliance. Companies should therefore keep a signed copy of the completed form in all local offices or facilities.

Local companies can find the government criteria for reopening on EmergencySLO.org/reopen.

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