Disney Chairman Bob Iger Denies Coronavirus Spread in China

Disney president Bob Iger denies that the spread of the coronavirus in China has led to his sudden resignation as CEO of the company. Sunday night, the former head of the company made a shocking report to the New York Times. Many people assumed that the executive might face the threat of economic stress from the coronavirus and decided to leave the country before the damage in the United States became just as real. Iger told the paper it wasn’t. After COVID-19 really turned the world upside down, the president took a step forward to help Disney, as a multi-faceted company, stop the virus.

Iger wrote an e-mail to the Times: No surprises… …nothing hidden… …nothing out of the ordinary or strange assuming… A crisis of this magnitude and its impact on Disney will certainly lead me to actively help Bob [Chapek] and the company will fight it, especially since I have been running the company for 15 years!

The report estimates that Disney loses up to $30 million or more a day. Frankly, this figure is surprising, but it makes a lot of sense when you consider that these are the three largest industries in which they operate: Studio programmes, cruise ships, ticket sales for amusement parks. All three entertainment events will be cancelled for at least another few months. Yesterday we learned that employees of Walt Disney World in Florida have been fired. Some speculate that further changes are to be expected in the future. This is the fate that most actors in the entertainment world will share as the world adapts to the post-Corona virus.

(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Pictures for Disney)

The Company had previously announced that insignificant employees would be sent on unpaid leave as a result of the current situation. This is their statement at the beginning of the month:

The Covid 19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on our world with unspeakable suffering and loss, and has claimed victims among all of us, the company said in a statement on June 2. April. In recent weeks, most of our stores have been closed by order of the government. During that period the Disney employees received their full salary and benefits and we have agreed to provide them with their full salary up to the age of 18. order the defendant to pay compensation for a total of five additional weeks for the period from 1 April.

However, without a clear indication of when we will be able to resume work, we will be forced to make a difficult decision about the next step and let go of those workers who currently do not need work, as was added in a statement. The holiday test takes place on the 19th. April, and all employees involved will stay with Disney for the entire holiday period. They receive comprehensive medical care, employee salaries and company contributions are paid by Disney, and those enrolled in Disney Aspire have ongoing access to the education program.

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Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Pictures for Disney

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