Erica Dixon Is About To Give Lil Scrappy Some Headaches By Making This Huge Revelation About Her Daughter, Emani Richardson, In This Video

Love and hip-hop: Atlanta star Erica Dixon has a new show on YouTube called Teenage Talk, and she recently announced some big news for her fans.

Erica told me that the girl she’s sharing with rapper Lil Scruppy, who just turned 15, is now a girl. is now together.

Erica sat down with her beautiful daughter Emany Richardson in a session called Boy Chat, where she played one-on-one.

Erica explained: She’s 15 years old. I told her she could go talk to guys. She has friends, but I don’t know if I want to call it a date. I don’t know if I want to call it that. Well, I guess because I’m fine as long as I’m talking to my parents, well, the other parent and they go to the movies or go skateboarding and we’re all on the same page.

Emani gave real advice: If you talk to a boy you really like, no matter how much you like him, the first time he does something wrong, always take the red flag and cut him off! Block it. Don’t block him on Instagram because you want him to see that you’re good at it. Just shut it off from everything else.

Erica, who agreed with her daughter, added that once someone has shown you who he is, you believe his actions and not his words. You can talk all day, and it’s for young women and men, too. They’re all young and they’ve only just entered the playing field. As I tell Emani, take your time. If you like someone, it’s okay. Here we go. I get her all the time.

Erica said it would be good to have a really open dialogue with the children so they can communicate and be honest.

said the businesswoman: Parents, mother after mother, I think you should be open. I let Emani come to me and tell me how I feel. She tells me everything. Sometimes I’ll be like [insects jumping out of my eyes]… I wasn’t ready, but I appreciate that because she’s so honest and open when she’s 15. She’s not a bad person.

Emani confessed: It’s like most of my friends can’t tell my parents, so they surprise me and do something or lie. But all I can say is, Mom, please… I can ask them to go somewhere without lying about who will be there. I can just open it, and if I don’t, I won’t. If that’s the case, yes.

Then the mother of three shares: I let them take gifts. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. She got some Valentine’s Day presents. Friendly gifts. I’ll keep an eye on everything. I can come to the IG. I see some of these ruthless DMs. Guys, stop it. I can see everything, so stay away from your S&M.


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