‘Essential Workers’ To Walk Out of Job In Mass May Day Protest –

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) In May thousands of people normally gather in downtown Los Angeles to demonstrate and protest for workers’ rights, but because of the coronavirus pandemic and social exclusion this will not happen this year.


McDonald’s employees and supporters protest outside the McDonald’s building in Los Angeles, California on the 6th. April 2020, require payment for quarantine time and medical care for employees who fall ill with the coronavirus causing VIDC-19. (Photo by Robin Beck / AFP) (Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP on Getty Images)

Instead, key employees of large companies, who became vital during the pandemic, are invited to take part in International Labour Day on 1 January. In the aftermath of the global May Day celebrations, workers are leaving their workplaces to demand better health and safety and a higher risk pay.

According to the organizers, employees of Amazon, Whole Foods, Target and Instacart will fall ill or leave work during the lunch break on Friday.

Christian Smalls, who was fired by Amazon after organizing a strike in the warehouse of a web giant on Staten Island, tweeted the news of the Friday march.

Our companies have let us down in these unprecedented times, according to the press release. At the start of the VIDOC 19 pandemic, key employees at our workplaces were exposed to a lack of personal protective equipment, inadequate guidelines and strict safety instructions. Due to the failure of our employers, many of our colleagues became infected with this deadly virus and some of them died.

Employees of Amazon, Whole Foods, McDonalds and other companies occasionally protest against working conditions that violate social distance guidelines, the lack of a sick pay for employees exposed to the coronavirus or who test positive, and the lack of protective equipment and detergents in their workplace. Nurses also protest against the lack of protective equipment and the punitive measures they face when they talk about it.

Most of the country is under house arrest, although many in states like Florida, Georgia and Texas get up and relax. However, since the outbreak in the United States in January, emergency workers have been deployed. They are doctors, nurses, first aiders, grocery stores, couriers, farm workers and meat processors, many of whom have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak.