Every known Kawhi Leonard tattoo on the body of the Clippers Star


The love affair of NBA players with tattoos has long been documented. Even local cheerleader Kavi Leonard of the Los Angeles Clippers likes to express himself through important body art.

Leonard’s greatness has even inspired some of his dying admirers to be sunk as well. Last year one of the fans immortalized the current iconographer Leonard in 7 years. 2019 Eastern Conference Semifinal match against Team Philadelphia-76.

Unlike most of his peers, who decided to cover almost the entire body with tattoos, Leonard only has a few parts to show. Each of them fulfils his function, in particular by preserving the memory of his loved ones.

Let’s crush all those famous Superstar Clippers body statues.

Fear God, not the one on the right shoulder.

Leonardo’s right arm is covered with tattoos that are composed of several parts that have become an impressive sleeve. On his upper shoulder he carries a shield with the inscription Fear of God, not of them. Maybe that’s Kauhi’s creed.

He certainly pays attention to those words every time he sits on hardwood. A 28-year-old star who plays on both sides is as fearless as she is, especially when it comes to defending the ball. Leonard is one of the few superstars that everyone wants to protect, no matter how big or small.

Right shoulder cross

If the cross is another sign of his strong faith, this symbol can also be found in the memory of Kauha’s deceased father, Mark Leonard. Senior Leonard was born when he was 18. In January 2008 he was tragically shot and killed in his own car wash. Kavi was only 16 when he died.

Tombstone with angel wings on right shoulder

Directly below the giant cross is the image of the tombstone with the inscription R.I.P. Papa. This, too, is a direct tribute to Patriarch Leonardo, who valued Kauhi the most. Shortly after his father’s death, Leonard Kraft called for the next night’s basketball game. He would burst into tears after the last conversation.

The wings on both sides of the tombstone also had a nice touch and indicated that his father was now in a better place.

Basketball T-shirt surrounded by clouds and halos on the right biceps

Stacked in Leonardo’s biceps – another tribute worthy of his old lover. The sweaters, clouds and aureole compositions are truly unique and may indicate how his father’s influence brought him to sporting success.

Kavi Leonard SUPER is happy with his great career. Picture.twitter.com/3ooWbCDFp7

– Caleb Saenz (@calebjsaenz) 7. April 2014

While Mark has never seen his son become a superstar among professionals, it is now the famous uncle Leonard Dennis who has taken over this fatherly-figurative role.

Leonard’s family’s still seeking justice because Mark’s killer is still at large.


As I said, Leonardo’s right hand is covered with ink. However, due to his personal nature, the fans have not had time to take a closer look at the structures of his forearm. In addition to the tattoos as a tribute to his father, the double MVP finalist would have a mermaid tattoo on his forearm.

Mermaid tattoos usually stand for nature, intuition, birth or rebirth and creation.

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