Every New York Knicks Trade Deadline


The New York Knicks have been one of the NBA’s largest franchises since the start of the league in 1946-47. They’re playing at Madison Square Garden in New York. This allowed the players to be integrated into the team and they were very successful. Led by Red Holtzman, the Knicks reached three NBA finals and won two titles between 1969 and 73.

There hasn’t been a Willis Reed or Walt Fraser on the team in recent years. The Knicks have not competed in the post-season competition since 2013 and have only won one playoff series since 2000. They tried to fix it, but the franchise is not valid and it starts at the top with James Dolan. His greatest recent gesture is Marcus Morris’ assignment to the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for a selection. Let’s take a look at the other dates the Bokers put in their history.

16. January 1947: The Knicks sold Ralph Kaplovitz to the Philadelphia Warriors…

21. January 1947: New York bought Bob Fitzgerald in Toronto Haskis for Bob Mullens.

26. January 1947: The Knicks sold Hank Rosenstein to the Providence Steam Rinks.

26. January 1949: The Knicks bought the Ray Lamp from the Indianapolis Jets for Tommy Byrnes.

11. February 1949: New York buys Connie Simmons from the Baltimore Bullets for Sid Tanenbaum.

12. January 1955: The brokers sold Paul Hoffman to the Philadelphia Warriors.

5. February 1958: The Knicks were bought by the Minneapolis Lakers of Art Spoelstra for Bo Erias.

27. January 1959: New York bought Jack George from Philadelphia for Guy Sparrow.

24. January 1960: New York City bought a van from Dick Harmeyker and Dave Budd of Minneapolis for Ray Felix and from Ben Warley for the fourth round in 1960.

18. January 1961: The Knicks bought Phil Jordan from the Cincinnati Royals.

22. January 1963: The Knicks bought Jack Foley from the Boston Celtics.

12. January 1968: The Knickerbockers sold Freddy Crawford to the Los Angeles Lakers.

1. February 1975: The Knicks bought Jim Barnett and Neil Walk from New Orleans Jazz for Henry Bibby and in 1975 for the first round (Bill Robinsin).

5. January 1979 : New York bought Joe Merriweather of New Orleans for Spencer Haywood.

12. February 1979: The Knicks bought Tom Barker and three times (Bill Cartwright, Larry Demick, Sly Williams) in 1979 in Boston for Bob McAdoo.

12. February 1983: New York bought Rory Sparrow from the Atlanta Hawks for Scott Hastings.

21. February 1985: In 1985, the Knicks acquired the second (Gerald Wilkins) and 1986 (Michael Jackson) as compensation for signing Ray Williams as a free agent for Boston veterans.

23. February, 1989: The Knicks were taken over by Kiki VanDeWeghe Blazers from Portland for the first selection round in 1989 (Byron Irwin).

21. February 1990: New York bought the Cheeks of Maurice on the Spur of San Antonio for Rod Strickland.

22. February 1990: The Knicks bought Stuart Grey from Charlotte Horntes in 1991 to turn him into a used pickup truck (Jimmy Oliver).

20. February 1992: Realtors bought James Donaldson from Dallas Mavericks for Brian Quinnette.

6. January 1994 : The Knicks bought Derek Harper of Dallas for Tony Campbell and the first tour of the van in 1997 (John Thomas).

8. February 1996: In 1996, the Knicks bought Brad Lohaus, J.R. Reed and a first round pickup truck (John Wallace) from San Antonio for Charles Smith and Monty Williams.

18. February 1996: The Knicks were bought by Victor Alexander and Willie Anderson of the Toronto Raptors for Doug Christie, Herb Williams and money.

19. February 1998: The Knicks were bought by Terry Cummings from Philadelphia 76 for Ron Grandison and Herb Williams.

11. March 1999 (exclusion period) : The Knicks bought Philadelphia’s Mirsad Turkan for the first round (Quentin Richardson) in 2000.

30. January 2001 : The Knicks bought Othella Harrington of the Vancouver Grizzlies for Eric Strickland, the first round draft pick of 2001 (Jamaal Tinsley) and the second round of 2001 (Antonis Fotsis).

22. February 2001 : The Knicks were taken over by Muggsy Bogues and Mark Jackson from Toronto for Chris Childs and the second round (Kareem Rush) in 2002.

5. January 2004 : The Knicks were bought by Phoenix Sans Anfernie Hardaway, Stefan Marbury and Cesari Tribansky for Howard Aisley, Maciej Lamp, Antonio McDais, Charlie Ward, Milos Vujanic, the Spice 2004 (Kirk Snyder) and the Spice 2010 (Gordon Hayward).

15. February 2004: In a three-man deal the Knicks bought Nazra Mohammed from Atlanta and Tim Thomas from Milwaukee. In 2005 the Knicks sent Keith Van Horn to Milwaukee and Michael Doleac and Ronny Turiaf to Atlanta. Milwaukee traded Joel Pshibilla for Atlanta.

24. February 2005: The Knicks bought Maurice Taylor from Houston for Vin Baker, Moochie Norris and, in 2006, a second-round pickup truck (Steve Novak).

The Knicks were bought in 2005 by Malik Rose (David Lee) and in 2006 by Mardi Collins (Mardi Collins) in San Antonio for Jamison Brouwer and Nazr Mohammed.

3. February 2006 : The Knicks bought Jalen Rose in Toronto and a first round pickup truck (Renaldo Balkman) from 2006 for Antonio Davis.

22. February 2006 : The Knicks buy Steve Francis of Orlando Magic for Trevor Ariza and Anfernee Hardaway.

19. February 2009 : The Knicks were bought by Larry Hughes of the Chicago Bulls for Jerome James, Anthony Robertson and Tim Thomas.

The Knicks bought Chris Wilcox in Oklahoma City for Malik Rose.

17. February 2010 : The Knicks were purchased by Boston J.R. Giddens, Eddie House, Henry Walker and a second pickup truck from 2014 (top 55 protected, non-transferable) for Marcus Landry and Nate Robinson.

In a three-team deal, the Knicks bought Tracy McGrady from Houston and Sergio Rodriguez from Sacramento. The Knicks traded Larry Hughes for Sacramento and Jordan Hill, Jared Jeffries and Royce White for Houston in 2012. Houston bought Hilton Armstrong and Kevin Martin in Sacramento for Joey Dorsey and Carl Landry. In 2011 Houston had the opportunity to trade with the Knicks in the first selection round, but that didn’t happen.

22. February 2011 : As part of a three-man deal, the Knicks have been taken over by Carmello Anthony, Renaldo Bolkman, Chauncey Billaps, Anthony Carter, Shelden Williams and 2016 by the Denver Nuggets (Jakob Poeltl). New York bought Cory Brewer from the Minnesota Timberwolves. New York City sold Eddie Curry, Anthony Randolph and money to Minnesota. The Knicks were sold to Denver Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Timothy Mosgoff, cash, second class 2012 (Quincy Miller), second class 2013 (Romero Osbie), first class 2014 (Dario Sarik) and first class 2016 (Jamal Murray). Minnesota sold Costa Kufasa to Denver.

It’s one of the biggest shops in the history of Knicks. 25. September 2017. New York sold Anthony to Oklahoma City for Anes Canter, Doug McDermott and in 2018 – for second place (Mitchell Robinson).

21. February 2013: The Bokers bought money for Ronnie Bear and a Xavier Thames van in Oklahoma City for the second round in 2014.

5. January 2015 : In a triple deal, the Knicks bought Lou Amundson, Alex Kirk and a second pickup truck (Carsen Edwards) from the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lance Thomas of Oklahoma City in 2019. The Knicks traded Iman Schumpert and J.R. Smith for Cleveland. Cleveland traded the Dion Waiters to Oklahoma City in 2016 for a first round pickup truck (Furkan Corkmaz).

19. February 2015: The Knicks were bought by Pablo Prigioni Alexei Shved (Ognjen Jaramaz), who finished second (Kyle Guy) in Houston in 2017.

7. February 2018: The Knicks were bought by Johnny O’Bryant, the second pickup from 2020 and the second pickup from 2021 by Charlotte for Willy Hernangomez.

8. February 2018: The Knicks bought Emmanuel Moody in Denver. In 2018 the Knicks swapped a pick-up truck on two wheels (Justin Jackson) to Denver and Doug McDermott to Dallas. Denver bought Devin Harris from Dallas for second place in 2018 (Shake Milton).

31. January 2019 : The brokers were bought by Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr., Courtney Lee, Christap Porzings and DeAndre Jordan, Wesley Matthews, Dennis Smith Jr. in 2021 and Dallas in 2023.

This deal made the fans furious at the time. Porcigis was unhappy in New York and demanded trade. It was written off as a paycheck so the Knicks could go after the best free agents like Kiri Irving and Kevin Durant, but that didn’t happen.

6. February 2020: In a triple deal, the Knicks Maurice Harkless of the Los Angeles Clippers, the first pickup in the 2020 cycle, acquired the replacement rights to the four most secure pickups in 2021, and the 2021 and Issuf Sanon pickup from the Washington Wizards. New York traded Marcus Morris for Los Angeles. Washington bought Jerome Robinson from Los Angeles for Isaiah Thomas.

Allen Iverson, Sixers.

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