Everything you need to know before trying CrossFit

What exactly does it consist of, its benefits and risks, where to practice it and the best equipment you need if you are thinking of starting Crossfit.

Like it or not, people have strong opinions about CrossFit.

Devotees advertise it as the best way to transform your body, while critics say there is no safer way to injure yourself. Regardless, there is no denying that CrossFit has become a major fitness movement: there are more than 13,000 CrossFit gyms, known as boxes , in the world.

With all these claims about CrossFit, it’s hard for curious beginners to know what to expect on their first visit to a box . We’ve talked to a few experts to determine exactly what you should know before starting CrossFit to separate the bragging (on both sides) from the real truth.

What is CrossFit?

CrossFit borrows workouts from numerous sports, including gymnastics, weight lifting, powerlifting, and rowing. It was created by former gymnast Greg Glassman to maximize the amount of work done in the shortest time possible, according to the official CrossFit website, which acts as the corporate image and governing body for the activity.

The goal of fitness is to improve your physical capacity and help you move better, whether it’s during a hockey game or lifting heavy shopping bags. This is accomplished by doing a lot of high-intensity functional exercises, says Ian Creighton, CEO and trainer at BRICK New York.

What do you do in a CrossFit class?

Typically, each class is divided into three parts: warm-up, the skill or strength component, and the workout of the day (EDD).

The warm-up is tailored to the skill or strength component, so be prepared for what’s next. Skill workouts are designed to improve your ability to do certain exercises, such as rope double jumps, while strength workouts are intended to make you feel good, stronger.

The last part of the class is the EDD, where you will have to perform a table of specific exercises in a certain time or repetitions. EDDs are typically full-body workouts that last between 8 and 16 minutes, though they can be as short as 3 as well, Creighton explains.

“A three-minute workout may sound ridiculous, but when the intensity is 95 percent, you will need an hour to recover afterward,” he says.

Many gyms create their own EDDs, but CrossFit has a ton of reference workouts that are named after women; Fran is a very popular one and consists of thrusters and chin – ups . There are also EDD Heroes honoring fallen men and women in service.

What you should know before starting CrossFit

When you start going to a recognized box , it is not surprising to see others performing feats such as lifting 136 kilos. You might be tempted to try. Do not even think about it.

“People come in and it’s competitive,” Creighton says. “They want to do the same as everyone else. And it’s the wrong way to approach CrossFit.”

Mathew Forzaglia, a CrossFit and personal trainer in New York City, agrees with Creighton and states that you should start lifting an empty barbell until you understand the exercises.

“You can’t jump to the end result without taking the first step,” he explains.

Managing your expectations of what you will or will not achieve with crossfit gym delhi is of the utmost importance. Since the training is not specialized, don’t expect to become an expert Olympic weightlifter. Instead, you will most likely improve your overall fitness, Forzaglia says.

“To be good at CrossFit, you have to be good at a lot of things,” he says.

Is CrossFit Really Dangerous?

Like any form of sport, this cult favorite carries risks. However, according to a December 2018 study, reporting on the risks of CrossFit could be overrated.

With this study, published in the Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine , Kennesaw State University researchers concluded that CrossFit is quite safe compared to other types of training. After analyzing the 3,000 responses to the survey of CrossFit fans, they found that those who have just started CrossFit or train less than three days a week are more likely to be injured. This may be because these groups are not familiar with the exercises.

“This study notes that injuries among CrossFiters may not be as numerous as some media outlets previously suggested,” study co-author Yuri Feito concluded in a statement. “CrossFit training has been scrutinized because of an alleged high injury rate, but our data does not appear to support that it is more ‘extreme’ or dangerous than other sports training programs. ”

A 2014 study published in the Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine Research found that people in the hands of coaches who helped them with the exercises suffered fewer injuries, which is why Creighton stresses the importance of finding a gym that gives top priority to safety.

“You need to train where the coaches focus first and foremost on safety and quality exercise,” he says. “That is the most important”.

Rhabdomyolysis, a condition that causes muscle tissue to break down and release kidney-damaging wastes into the bloodstream, has been linked to CrossFit. However, pushing yourself to the limit in any workout can cause the problem.

How do I find a good CrossFit gym?

Gyms often offer free starter classes that you should try to test the waters. Afterward, ask other members about their experiences and if they’ve been injured, Creighton advises. You should also pay special attention to the leadership skills of the coach.

“If the class is unstructured, but messy, there is a security problem,” he warns. “There is a red flag.”

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. “If someone tells you to do something, ask them why,” advises Forzaglia. You have to make sure that your trainer has a solid understanding of the exercises, and that he does not hand out advice randomly. Another red flag: if the coach pays more attention to his mobile than to the class. It may be cool to watch thruster videos on Instagram, but getting hurt by the instructor’s negligence is not cool at all.