Fans warn David that there may be no Lana, he probably got scammed

The fourth season of the 90-day bride: Ninety days ago the audience was excited about the premiere of the show in February. While most couples have already met in person at the fair, David, a 60-year-old American, has yet to meet his Ukrainian girlfriend Lana in person. According to David, he and Lana were together for seven years after connecting to a foreign dating site. The star of the reality show showed the production companies pictures of Lana’s 27-year-old fiancé for 90 days. However, they haven’t met in person yet, and David’s last attempt to see them in person failed, ET reports.

In the meantime. Fans warned David that Lana might not exist and that he had to stop sending money to someone.

David in Ukraine

David went to Ukraine three times to see his girlfriend, but she left him standing every time. A 27-year-old girl underwent medical treatment or died in her family and could not meet David.

However, the 60-year-old doesn’t lose hope and still insists that one day he will have a personal date with Lana.

In an episode last Sunday David flew to Ukraine hoping his luck would change after his fourth attempt.

Before leaving the United States, David bought an engagement ring for his girlfriend. The computer programmer was planning to ask Lana to marry him and was willing to move in with her. He told the producers that he had already made a proposal to two Americans, but they had rejected it.

After David’s flight to Ukraine, his hopes for a meeting with Lana were dashed again after she gave him a fourth round.

This time his girlfriend didn’t answer his text message when he tried to contact her on a dating site. David looked inconsolable, and the fans felt sorry for the 60-year-old romantic. Although David is clearly in love with Lana, the fans have come to the conclusion that she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Even after Lana let him down, the American reiterated that he hadn’t given up their relationship. He is still determined to meet Lana and is planning a trip to Pavlograd, Lana’s hometown in Ukraine. David’s friends encouraged him to give up his online girlfriend and move on.

One of his friends, Anya, who lives in Ukraine, advised him not to go to Pavlograd.

She told him that the city is far from the capital and that it’s not a safe place. Anya, however, admitted that David was stubborn and that he wouldn’t give up Lana that easily. David is not the first American to fall hopelessly in love with a Ukrainian beauty in a 90-day day. Last season Caesar Mac fell in love with a Ukrainian girl named Maria. Although the fans thought Maria was a catfish, the TLC producers eventually found her in Ukraine.

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