Features, Design, Expected Price and Release Date

Why does the iPhone 12 need Apple to make a difference? The iPhone 11 series focuses on camera setup and adds a little more power, but at best it’s a modest improvement.

The first Apple smartphone to support a 5G network, possibly iPhone 12. Some sources point to the brand new iPhone 12, which removes iPhone identification features by adding touch recognition functions to the phone. And some models may even have the new shape of the camera.


The iPhone 12 is expected to arrive later this year, which could be a major upgrade for Apple’s smartphone. With the update of the iPhone 11 line in 2018, the 2020 line seems to offer a great opportunity for progress.

The next launch of the iPhone is planned for many months and many things can change, especially the day the phones are launched. But that’s what we know so far about iPhone 12.

Issue date and price

There is no reliable information on the release date of the iPhone 12 yet, but we do know when this information will be available. Almost metronomically, Apple launches its latest phones, and although the rumors change every year, the date is always the same.

September 2020 is a possible date for the next iPhone release. The development of the iPhone 12 has been delayed by about a month due to the coronavirus effect.


When it comes to the quality of iPhone 12, it can compete with most existing devices. The price of the iPhone 11 starts at $699/729/$1.199 during the reference period. It starts with the iPhone 11 Pro for $1,049 for $1,749 and ends with the iPhone 11 Pro Max for $2,099 for $1,149.

However, the most direct iPhone 11 (the 6.1-inch iPhone 12) looks slightly different, apparently from $749 or $50 more than the iPhone 11. But the new iPhone 12 5.4 is expected to start at $649, $50 less than the iPhone 11.


The iPhone 12 can be tilted like the iPhone 5, with a large design leak, and if it’s real, this new look can be very split up. On the one hand, it’s more like the iPad Pro model, so professional and smart, but it’s probably hard to wear, too.

According to the scanners, one of the following iPhones skips the input and is then placed by the front camera. If so, we consider it the most expensive edition of the iPhone 12, maybe the iPhone 12 Pro Max or something like that.

However, the first calculated leak assumes that the phone will have a smaller leak. It features an iPhone 12 Pro edition with a time-of-flight sensor, the price of a zoom lens and 5G series support, and an upgrade to USB-C. Not only is the camera integrated in the device, Apple is also known for having a fingerprint scanner on the screen of upcoming phones.

Apparently the iPhone 12 stays at 6.1 inches, but is upgraded to OLED with an LCD screen. The iPhone 12 Pro is a 5.4-inch screen. Both versions of the Pro will also use the OLED type, which is smaller than the displays used in the iPhone 11 Pro series, but cheaper to produce. This may mean a lowering of the stakes, but we don’t count on that.


The iPhone 12 can also be upgraded with a smartphone that is supposed to have a 3D sensor with laser control. It’s written on the back, and although only the hearing calls it the laser, another calls it the depth of the snapper’s sensation, and another calls it the 3D sensation, so it could be something we see somehow.

Now we also saw a leaky image of four rear lenses of the iPhone 12 Pro. This scheme would come from the iOS 14 meeting and is sponsored by several sources. A leak also indicates that the phone has multiple lenses in night mode and macro mode is available for extra wide shots.