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Playing FiiO’s M11 Pro mobile sound gamer was a wonderful experience for Noel Keywood. Review our FiiO M11 PRO Testimonial.

FiiO’s M11 Pro is a tough technical technology fest that can do everything– if you recognize exactly how to do it. Chinese FiiO make a wide variety of hi-resolution mobile sound gamers that have actually involved control the marketplace by supplying piece de resistance at affordable price, our testimonials have actually revealed. The M11 Pro, I’m evaluating below is the peak– and also kid is it intricate. What FiiO take care of to insert right into the Mil Pro is exceptional.

Yet prior to the innovation, allow’s cover the sound. As a high resolution electronic sound gamer (DAP) it can manage all the lots of electronic data kinds, however there’s rather a great deal of focus on DSD, or Straight Stream Digital. No question that DSD appears excellent and also is appropriately preferred with the cognoscenti, however it stays a minority rate of interest. With high information prices and also huge data dimensions it is technically tough also; the Mil Pro has actually been planned to manage the concerns. It has 64 GB onboard memory however can review a mini

FIIO M11 PRO Review

SD card– there is one card port– as much as 2TB. DSD documents are big, my examination documents being available in at 0.3 GB (300 MEGABYTES) approximately, definition 200 would certainly fill up the interior memory to make sure that outside card is necessary.

Yet feet on ground. A lot of us will certainly utilize CD documents, maybe holes of CDs we have, at around 65 MEGABYTES, and even scuzzy old MP3s from days gone by that are flea sized and also can populate this gamer’s interior memory in their thousands. Simply to obtain the Mil Pro right into context songs data smart.

Playing the songs documents are 2 AK4497 EQ digital-to-analogue convertors (DACs), one per network, from Asahi Kasei Microdevices of Japan whom, I believe, are pedalling difficult to test EES of The golden state. Their Velour Noise DACs audio excellent to me in various other items so I anticipated a lot below.

And Afterwards to the results. What earphones can you link and also will it drive a hi-fi system? DAPs have actually entered a knicker-twist with earphone results, attempting to press ideal audio with worst port– the 2.5 mm 4 post jack. Impractically tiny and also weak, it’s tough to cord, breaks conveniently and also is inadequate to actual- life usage on the relocation. The Mil Pro brings a tougher 4.4 mm four-pole choice for well balanced audio result, maintaining 2.5 mm well balanced and also 3.5 mm out of balance three-pole– the one most individuals utilize.

The Mil Pro can be attached to the well balanced or out of balance analogue inputs of a hi-fi system like a CD gamer, to function as a hi-res electronic gamer, ranging from interior battery or outside USB power (5V). It has an analogue Line result for this, and also electric S/PDIF electronic result.

There’s likewise Bluetooth cordless transmission, with LDAC, aptX and also aptX-HD, and also SBC methods, to send out songs to a stereo, and also Bluetooth function so the gamer can function as cordless earphone amplifier.

The USB result will certainly bill,

FIIO M11 PRO Review

The lower face has a tough 4.4 mm well balanced result (top), and also next to it a little 2.5 mm well balanced result. At base a 3.5 mm earphone outlet likewise functions as a Line result (set quantity) and also an electronic S/PDIF result utilizing a provided adaptor.

transfer documents or pictures, or link as a DAC/headphone amp to obtain a stream from a computer system, however it was not viewed as an input by my Mac or COMPUTER, which shocked me; I might not stream bent on them.

Utilizing 2 DAC chips optimises efficiency however enhances existing intake. Include a Samsung Exynos 7872 chip collection, THX result amplifiers, wi-fi/Apple Airplay and also Bluetooth transmitters, plus a large 125 mm high 720 p touch-screen– and also both battery (4370 mAh) and also gamer are big. Weight was 23 lgm on our ranges and also measurements 130 mm high, 70 mm vast and also 17 mm deep– pocketable however you’ll recognize it’s there.This is no flyweight.

FIIO M11 PRO Review

A cool little gold rotating quantity control and also black transportation control switches.

FIIO M11 PRO Review

The M11 Pro’s big, intense display plainly shows cd art work and also play controls, in excellent aesthetic meaning.

Battery life is priced quote as 10.5 hrs, the specific number relying on display use and also data dimension played. Construct high quality is exceptional: MII Pro is enormously solid.

At left is a cool little rotating quantity control, track miss switches and also Play/Pause switch, however all controls are offered on the display certainly, from FiiO’s songs application

FIIO M11 PRO Review

The solitary card port makes use of a card provider, instead of a push-n-click open port. It’s protected and also dirt evidence, however requires a little device seen below (provided) to trigger. A paper clip will certainly do.

working on an Android 7 os. Various other applications can be packed and also the web accessed using wi-fi for songs streaming, consisting of MQA documents from Tidal Masters. You obtain a Google Chrome internet internet browser also.

FiiO’s songs application was clear and also message conveniently understandable on the intense, high resolution display. As prevails with intricate gamers similar to this there are 2 Setups (equipment wheel) food selections, one in the fundamental OS, the various other in the application. and also on the Mll Pro both are stuffed with alternatives, consisting of DoP over S/PDIF which I assumed was difficult as a result of reduced information price in this 1980 s innovation.

In the fundamental OS there are 6 reduced pass filter alternatives, reduced and also high result, USB DAC/storage and also much else. Aggravating was the demand to by hand upgrade the system when songs documents were packed.

The songs gamer application display alternatives were lots of and also improperly bought I really felt. Highest possible concern (default) was Last Played– beneficial just if you intend to play current tracks continuously. An additional touch-selection in a leading food selection is required to access the normal track, musician, cd and also folder listings, of which the last is what I utilize, with its private tracks and also folders of tracks, however this needs yet one more option to select the storage space utilized. I choose to see this listing as a concern, as in lots of gamers, not method down the food selection pile, offered just after duplicated options.

There is a Back switch however no Ahead switch to relocate with these food selections. Having actually discovered a track and also pushed play it takes one more option to elevate the Play display with track information, however this is not offered in the default Just recently Played food selection. It takes one more 4 options to elevate this display– tiresome. I discovered the application’s interface effort, much more so than FiiO’s easier gamers.

The computer system user interface makes use of a balanced USB C outlet and also USB2 procedure, conjuring up the normal Android loader on my Mac however connecting directly right into Windows 10 on my COMPUTER, customarily.


Audio high quality of the M11 Pro got on the cozy and also complete bodied side, with effective bass. I chose the ‘Short Delay Fast Roll Off’ filter to obtain power right into high treble. Believe: an effective however very easy going audio.

This remained in itself not untypical of the AK4497 EQ Velour Noise DAC, that imitates the ESS Sabre 32 Collection DACs.

With a variety of evaluation tracks I recognize well and also utilize continually the M11 Pro seemed solid and also forthright. The battering synth drums of Safri Duo’s Samb-Adagio had both stamina and also speed, otherwise rather the hold of Audiolab’s keys powered M-DAC+ that I utilized as a referral, connected to the Mil’s S/PDIF result– however that is to be anticipated.

Sinead O’Connor vocal singing Foggy Dew had The Chieftains behind her appearing big, bodhrans having excellent bang, pipelines and also whistles raucous and also strenuous. I expensive the Mil Pro is a little bit more powerful near the bottom end than lots of gamers in my recall, obtaining near to M-DAC+– which is excellent going.

Not being a wonderful follower of earphones for supreme listening, I attached the well balanced result right into the McIntosh MA352 amplifier I evaluate this month and also contrasted CD holes on the Mil with the initial CDs rotated by an Oppo BDP-205 gamer likewise attached up with well balanced cable televisions– and also they were fairly close (with Martin Logan ESL-X electrostatic speakers). There was some minor loss of meaning and also hold from the Mil Pro ranging from battery however it still rumbled when needed– yet might record specials in Dadawa vocal singing Canton Tale.

I played a complete variety of songs documents kinds, consisting of large DSDs like Cyndee Peters vocal singing Residence of the Increasing Sunlight (DSDl28) that eats an impressive 0.5 GB; no MP3 flea below however a DSD elephant — and also it seemed as liquidly smooth as DSD does, which is why the Mil Pro concentrates on this data kind. Send it out with well balanced analogue results of the Mil Pro and also you have one outstanding audio resource.

FiiO have actually also attended to the problem of utilizing a mobile as a stand-alone gamer by creating an application for control from the ‘phone: remote control in effect so you don’ t need to lift and also to choose tracks– as I presently do when utilizing our Astell & Kern AK120 as an electronic data resource.

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A gamer like the Mil Pro is a technology tour-de-force and also takes some understanding. The breadth of alternatives makes it rather hefty going and also the interface food selections were not to my taste in consecutive setup;

FIIO M11 PRO Review

At left is the filter food selection with 6 alternatives. They impact CD data playback most, Super Slow Roll Off offering a cozy audio. At right is the Sound Setup food selection in the application.

great deals of unneeded switch stabbing. Yet the display is wonderfully clear and also intense, very easy to aesthetically understand and also satisfying.

Audio high quality smart there is little to claim below aside from you obtain exceptional high quality from all results. FiiO have solid technical hold: all their insurance claims were totally sustained by dimension– and also by paying attention. Making the Mil Pro an amazing technology fest at a rate that is nearly ridiculously reduced.

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Via the 3.5 mm earphone result, regularity feedback with 192 kHz example price PCM rolled down over 64 kHz (-1 dB) to the top academic restriction of 96 kHz (as revealed). The 6 filters impact


FIIO M11 PRO Review


FIIO M11 PRO Review

hi-res little bit, however with CD the Slow filter rolled down result over 15 kHz and also Super Slow over 8kHz, the last being audibly apparent as warmer audio.

With 24/96 PCM, distortion at complete degree (0dB FS) gauged 0.002% and also at -60 dB a reduced 0.02% using the 3.5 mm earphone result– a remarkable outcome. Dynamic array (EIAJ), can be found in at 121 dB– up with the very best DACs.

The well balanced result provided a large 5V; Line Out 2V the like a CD gamer. Both offered very same reduced distortion and also high vibrant array as earphone result.

Result from the 3.5 mm stereo earphone jack (out of balance) was 1.3 V (Gain at Reduced) and also 2.6 V (Gain at High), both sufficient for ruining quantity from earphones. High is for aloof styles.

Calculated efficiency was exceptional in all locations. The M11 Pro has no powerlessness.

Regularity feedback (192 kHz, -1 dB) 4Hz-64 kHz

Distortion (-60 dB, 24 little bit) 0.02%

Dynamic Array (EIAJ) 121 dB

Result (unbalanced/bal) 2.6 V/5V

FIIO M11 PRO ₤599

OUTSTANDING– among the very best.

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Complete Rating

Testing in its intricacy – except the pale hearted however worth hearing, particularly with DSD.


  • audio high quality.
  • Bluetooth and also wi-fi.
  • songs solution streaming, with MQA.
  • 2 well balanced analogue results


  • complicated.
  • heavy.
  • no USB streaming out
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