Garcetti Highlights Partnership with Actor Sean Penn Non-profit In City Response to Coronavirus Pandemic –

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – In his daily briefing on Thursday, Mayor Eric Garcetti highlighted some of the partnerships that the city has formed in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Actor and philanthropist Sean Penn has mobilized his non-profit organization CORE to expand the city’s testing capacity for the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo credits: Kevin Winter/Getty Pictures)

One of those partners is the Community Organized Relief Effort, a non-profit organization founded by actor and philanthropist Sean Penn in 2010 after the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

In Los Angeles, CORE has increased the number of volunteers to expand our testing capabilities, Garcetti said.

According to the mayor, CORE has provided nearly 70 employees to manage four of the city’s 30 test sites, allowing them to work while Los Angeles firefighters/rescue workers can concentrate on their work in the event of an emergency.

This is a very special situation for us, Penn said.

In collaboration with the city and firefighters, CORE was able to offer free road tests throughout the district, including a site in Malibu that offers free tests for all emergency services.

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Penn thanked Garcetti’s leadership in the city for enabling the organization to mobilize soon after the pandemic.

I hope this will become a model in terms of governance and [NGO] or community founding partnership that can be replicated not only in the city of Los Angeles and all of California, but ultimately across the country, Penn said. And part of our job will be to learn lessons… and to bring this message to the outside world.

The work of the organisation goes hand in hand with the commitment of the city to ensure that all people with symptoms – including the lungs – are tested in order to better understand the spread of VIDOC-19.

The person who understands the importance of testing is Cynthia Davis, Charles R. Drew University Professor of Medicine and Science, who also spoke at an information meeting on Thursday.

Davis has worked in the health sector for over 35 years, many of whom spent time in South Los Angeles in the midst of the HIV epidemic.

As with HIV, they want to take so-called universal precautions, which means treating everyone as if they were infected with VIDOC-19 and taking the right precautions, she said.

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But, she says, COVID-19 is significantly different from HIV in terms of transmission and infection rate.

It took about 40 years for the United States to register 1.1 million cases of HIV infection among people or people living with HIV, she said. With COVID-19, it took two to three months to reach more than 500,000 U.S. COVID-19 infections.

Because of the ease with which the disease spreads from person to person, Davis said the human safety tests Garcetti is promoting during the pandemic are paramount.

We know it’s a virus that doesn’t discriminate, but its effects can discriminate, Garcetti said. So we depend on everyone in every community to get tested and that years of health differences do not lead to death.

Anyone living in Los Angeles County can make an appointment online for a test.