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Making use of most recent technology electronic chips, iBasso’s DX160 mobile gamer thrills Noel Keywood. Review our iBasso DX160 testimonial.

This was a fascinating gamer– in its noise, its innovation as well as its characteristics, the ones I came across yet others might not, as I will certainly describe.

iBasso DX160 review

However essentially what you enter iBasso’s DX160 is a sturdily constructed as well as usefully mobile gamer– neither as well hefty neither as well light– for a really sensible ₤. That rate brings online connection as well as Bluetooth plus the most effective electronic convertor (DAC) we have actually ever before gauged.

Design as well as center smart, this gamer is right approximately day as well as does not have little.

It has a charming 5in Sharp capacitive I080 P resolution touch display with clear graphics: I had no problem other than with some tales greying out when non-active, coming to be pale in sunshine.

In mind exists an Arm Cortex 8-core cpu with 2GB RAM — making it quickly– running Android. There is 32 GB of common storage space, on our gamer 7GB eaten by the system, leaving 25 GB for songs. That suffices for 400 CD tracks yet not so valuable for DSD tracks that can be found in at 500 MEGABYTES or even more, significance 50 in overall. To deal, there is a solitary microSD card port of undefined optimum ability. It’s a push-to-fit kind; there’s no card packing tray.

Different songs inputs are wi-fi (5G) link to the net for songs streaming, Amazon.com HD currently being integrated in the firmware. Bluetooth 5 link permits inbound information so the system serves as a DAC/ headphone amplifier, as well as outbound Bluetooth so it serves as a cordless songs resource to a hi-fi system.

For wired link to the stereos the 3.5 mm stereo earphone outcome can be readied to Line out for analogue connecting, or to S/PDIF for electronic connecting — electric not optical. There’s additionally a 4.4 mm completely well balanced outcome that supplies 6.4 V, yet no 2.5 mm choice for those that might have such (barely-usable) wires.

The 4.4 mm plug is fairly durable, offering the DX160 a beefy well balanced outcome outlet beside the standard out of balance earphone outcome. Well balanced outcome for earphones isn’t a significant renovation I have actually discovered, yet it is a great way to feed a hi-fi fitted with well balanced inputs, if you can locate in this instance 4.4mm-to-XLR adaptor wires.

iBasso utilize 2 Cirrus CS43 198 digital-to-analogue (DAC) chips, one per network– as well as these I have not find in the past. To date ESS, complied with by AKM have actually controlled the DAC room; Cirrus Reasoning appearing in such a rarefied market was a shock. The chip’s alteration background

iBasso DX160 review

The House display with applications as well as setups, plus at lower left the Mango gamer application.

begins at Oct 17 so this is a new style, fairly talking. Cirrus insurance claim 130 dB vibrant variety utilizing the very same EIAJ dimension technique as Stereo Globe, as well as we obtained a fantastic 127 dB from the DX160, the deficiency likely as a result of headphone outcome amps. made use of by iBasso, given that Cirrus state outcome as 2V where the DX160 offers 3.2 V. Presently couple of stereos DACs take care of far better than 123 dB.

I believe others will certainly be utilizing this brand-new Cirrus Reasoning DAC chip, but also for currently iBasso have actually brought it to market in prompt style.

Determining 70 mm broad, 122 mm high (not 113 mm as estimated) as well as

iBasso DX160 review

A high resolution quantity control rests on the best side, whilst at top is a USB C outlet.

15 mm deep, with a weight of 182 gm on our ranges, the DX160 is big for a t-shirt pocket yet a simple fit most various other locations. It is steadily constructed with a strong alloy framework as well as big rotating quantity control having 0.5 dB actions, without annihilation Cirrus say, so resolution (i.e. audio high quality) is preserved at reduced quantity setups.

A whole lot is constructed from DSD handling by Cirrus that declare a copyrighted method that stays clear of conversion to PCM for quantity modification as well as filtering system prior to the reduced pass outcome filter. So DSD is no second thought in this gamer.

The interior 3200 mAh rechargeable battery supplies 13 hrs play time, iBasso insurance claim. Obviously, the majority of data kinds are managed, consisting of DSD256 (quad price DSD).

I encountered strange troubles when attempting to fill documents to the DXI 60 from computer system– not usually a concern with mobile gamers. Connecting in, it bills from USB by default. Packing songs needs accessibility to Setups food selection, External Instruments as well as USB feature where Documents Transfer need to be picked– circuitous.

Originally, neither Mac (Mojave) neither COMPUTER (Windows 10) would certainly see it. After hrs of swops in between computer systems, centers as well as wires I lastly developed steady link with a full-duplex USB 3 lead– yet just right into a USB 2 center! The provided lead was recurring as was a replacement, yet this appeared a gamer concern: it approved for 20 secs after that turned down (went empty). I keep in mind iBasso insurance claim use ‘bidirectional USB’ so I ask yourself whether our provided wire was incorrect, simply implied for billing.

The gamer’s software program did not user interface with USB 3 from my Mac’s Thunderbolt connected USB 3 billing center, utilizing the full-duplex USB3 lead. Rather, it enjoyed just with a USB 2 center.

After that the little eco-friendly male of Androids’s loader showed up (Mac) as well as remained on display, enabling me to fill songs.

Appears Like the DX160 does not user interface with most recent USB 3 as well as requires USB 2, yet as I comprehend it, USB 2 gadgets need to function from USB 3.

Mobile gamers typically user interface much more slickly with Computers than Macs, yet my COMPUTER running most recent Windows 10 did not see the DX160 either (using USB 2), utilizing iBasso’s

iBasso DX160 review

Beneath lie a 4.4 mm well balanced outcome jack (top) as well as standard 3.5 mm stereo jack.

provided wire. Switching fully- duplex USB 3 lead it showed up under ‘Devices and drives’ as an ‘MTP USB device’ when Documents Transfer was picked in the gamer.

Summing Up, the DXI60 fell short to accurately see either Mac or COMPUTER till a complete duplex USB 3 wire was made use of with a USB 2 user interface! I arrived in the long run, yet iBasso’s software program has troubles in this field. It was not logical as well as strange.

A firmware upgrade to 1.03123 did not assist conquer these concerns, yet upgrading was problem cost-free also from a Mac firmware download (that creates troubles with some gamers as a result of surprise Mac documents).

Packing songs on a microSD card was problem cost-free, other than the Mango songs gamer did not attend to either card or interior memory regularly, using an empty data display originally, yet it arrived in the long run after re-starts.

Our testimonial example came without

The Mango gamer Setups food selection as well as its Filter alternatives (right). Keep in mind there is an equaliser.

Customer Handbook, just a quick beginning overview, as well as there was no hands-on crammed onto the gamer either, where most featured a complete pdf overview. Possibly a very early testimonial example concern customers will certainly not experience.

On-board Viper software program, conjured up by Documents Supervisor, was Chinese just as well as pointless. I erased it wishing a fundamental choice would certainly show up yet there was none, making Documents Supervisor pointless. Oh well.


Going through a selection of uncompressed CD documents I utilize as testimonial devices as well as recognize well, it quickly came to be apparent that the DX160 provides a brighter aging as well as a snappier noise than the majority of the existing high-end plant. There was much more light as well as much less silkiness within the noise.

With Fleetwood Mac’s ‘You Make Loving Fun’ (24/96) opening up cymbal strokes twinkled as well as the track triggered at a company rate, multitracked consistencies from Stevie Nicks spaciously spread out in open view behind. The guitar solo floated versus a clear history as well as there was noticeable information in the noise, creating a mood of organisation. Christine McVie’s vocals stood apart plainly, ahead in the mix. The bass line was well engraved otherwise as strong as you obtain from a keys powered DAC like Audiolab’s M-DAC+ that I utilize as a side-by-side referral when assessing portables, including this. However this is constantly the instance with battery driven devices; the grunt is never ever fairly there. Best to utilize electronic S/PDIF out right into a keys driven stereos DAC in your home, staying clear of interior analogue phases, if you desire a company reduced end in your home.

There was no fantastic adjustment in personality with DSD, where the choir of The Netherlands Bach Culture vocal singing Handel’s Tranquility of Utrecht (DSD64) were well lit, seeming ahead as well as particular. Great deals of understanding as well as midband powerful– an aggressive noise also, unlike the AKM Velour DACs particularly that are laid back. Very Same with Cyndee Peters vocal singing Residence of the Climbing Sunlight (DSD64) where triangular strikes were apparent yet highly sonorous, saxophone effective at left, blocks as well as hand drums vibrant. The DXI60 brought vibrant enthusiasm to this (usually) laid back track, with fantastic concentrate on Cyndee Peter’s closing lines.

After that the gamer accordingly raised Fleetwood Mac’s I Do not Need to know (24/96) that competed out of the

At left the Play display with track details as well as at best cd cover art work with Musician picked.

gateways, all rate as well as vigour, the guitar solo ahead– as if to explain to me that this is what I have to do with. A variety of testimonial product, classic as well as Rock, verified this gamer’s sonic personality.

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In mind the brand-new iBasso DX160 is a great gamer with a vibrant noise that’s highly described. Its brand-new Cirrus Reasoning

electronic convertor chips are much less smooth yet much more stylish seeming than opponents, using a fascinating choice.

Our very early testimonial example was tough to fill from a computer system as a result of a USB wire concern, as well as was USB 2 just, yet functioned ALRIGHT from a microSD card. These troubles apart, breadth of capacity as well as audio high quality were remarkable by any kind of criterion– as well as specifically at the rate.


Via the 3.5 mm earphone outcome, regularity feedback with 192 kHz example price PCM rolled down over 84 kHz (-1 dB) to the top academic restriction of 96 kHz, with Quick Roll Off filter picked.

With Slow Roll Off (of 4 filters) picked the ceiling was 74 kHz– marginal adjustment. With 44.1 kHz example price (CD) there was no adjustment of the amplitude feedback, despite having Slow Roll Off, where such filters typically roll off high treble.

With 24/96 PCM, distortion at complete degree (0dB FS) gauged 0.001% as well as at -60 dB a really reduced 0.009% using the 3.5 mm earphone outcome, less than the most effective hi-fi DACs– an excellent outcome. Dynamic variety (EIAJ), was available in at 127 dB, once again far better than hi-fi DACs– a remarkable outcome.

Outcome from the 3.5 mm stereo earphone jack (out of balance) gauged 3.2 V with Gain at High, sufficient for all earphones, as well as 6.4 V from the well balanced outcome.

The gauged efficiency of this gamer was remarkable, yet the filters have little affect.

Regularity feedback (192 kHz,-1dB) 4Hz-84 kHz

Distortion (-60 dB, 24 little bit) 0.009%

Dynamic Array (EIAJ) 127 dB

Outcome (unbal/bal) 3.2 V/6.4 V

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exceptional– among the most effective.

WORTH– acutely valued.

Complete Rating

Piece de resistance at low cost, yet with niggles.


  • stylish noise.
  • comprehensive.
  • breadth of centers


  • tough data loading.
  • USB 2 just.
  • Chinese just applications
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