Is that too soon for another new joker?

The latest rumors about the restart of the Batman suggest which villains might appear in the sequels, which is almost inevitable after the first film. Bane was one of Batman’s great enemies thrown in the sequel – but of course there was another, the Joker. Modern rumours suggest that the Joker appears in both Batman 2 and Batman 3 as a villain in a large ensemble. Director Matt Reeves seems to be creating a stage for an entire universe of Batman films in his new room, so the Joker will of course be a part of it. But when the last podcast of the nation was discussed, a big question arose:

Isn’t it a little early for Batman to bring DC fans a new version of the Joker movie?

Batman DCEUconnections

Brandon Davis came up with the idea for Matt Reeves to use The Batman to build the most complete universe of Batman movies we have ever seen on the big screen – with his own version of The Joker :

I love that idea, I think this Batman trilogy has a chance to be the most complete Batman universe we’ll see live… it inevitably leads the Joker in this trilogy with what we’re doing, I think it really has a chance to be the most complete Batman universe.

Brandon was once warned of the need to build the world of Batman:

I’m almost sad that it doesn’t seem related to the big DC universe, because it seems like we’re really building a world, the world of Gotham? I also want this Batman to be fully realized, and then I want to see him deal with Superman and the Flash and Wonder Woman…

The universe of Batman

The owner of Kofi Outlaw had another wish: that Batman would create his own independent franchise in the film world, with his own Joker:

I’d like to see what they did on the animated front, that’s just a whole angle that looks like the whole Batman world… all the sirens of Gotham City and the birds of prey and Batman, and if we want to get involved in things like the Night King and the Redhead and the Joker and everything else, and have it in some kind of universe, we don’t have to worry about DKEU. Gotham, who looks like a whole city, and an underworld, and all the crooks in it together, they don’t just jump and die… …it’s like a whole world, and I wish it was an isolated thing, and I wish I’d never had to see Superman flying there.

Brandon loved the concept, but he wanted more:

We’ll have a great Gotham, fully implemented. I think it would be really great if it would work next to a fully executed Metropolis, a fully executed central city, and we have more characters. Let the birds of prey come, and we can’t make it too complicated, because we just had a movie called Birds of Prey. I wish Ben Affleck could play Batman in DCEU and Robert Pattinson Batman could play Batman in a separate universe… where everyone can be present, and where Batman is not limited to his characters, but focuses on his characters. Iron Man also focused on his characters in the Iron Man films and then became part of the Avengers films.

DCEU versus MCU

Master Matt Aguilar thought Marvel’s comparison was wrong, because DC Continuity is still too corrupt for such a shared universe:

We have to accept it’s not Marvel, it’s not MCU, and it hasn’t been a minute. I dropped everything by tying them up and being in the same playground, I dropped everything because I can’t see what’s happening without a big movie that solves everything and in fact brings the crisis on the screen … But on the other hand, he brings his stuff, well, it’s not exactly easy.

Wildcard Override

Announcer Janell Wheeler looked much simpler: Any new DC content is good. In the case of the Joker, however, she is afraid to see the bad guy again too soon:

You know I keep telling you: More content, more content, just give me the most. But, uh… I love the Joker. The Joker is my favorite villain of all time… …but I don’t know why they would bring the Joker back, because… We don’t need the Joker who loves Batman like we need the Batman who loves Batman. I feel like it has something to do with what people like: Let’s throw the funny guy at him and then we’re done… …focus on the other bad guys, focus on the Batman… I mean, the Joker had that moment, and then he might bring it back, further… …but for the first movie, Batman, please, no.

When does the Joker join the Batman franchise? Immediately, in a suite or even further away?

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