Jennifer Aniston revealed the secret to getting over EX to Selena Gomez!!

Are you a kid from the ’90s? Then you must know the love story of the beautiful Selena Gomez and the youthful feeling of Justin Bieber. They indicated the right goals in the relationship and soon became a source of inspiration for all couples. But unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last long and succeeded. With those two there were a lot of fans who were very sad.

Selena was also surprised when Justin got engaged to Haley Baldwin. The situation was very difficult for them. At that time, Jennifer Aniston helped her overcome her grief. The actress is popular for her role in the series Friends. She’s Rachel’s pioneer.

Actress and singer Selena Gomez has always thanked her for her support and mentioned her in many conversations with the media. She says superstar Jennifer Aniston is her idol. And really, they have a good relationship.

There’s a music video on Instagram that shows that it was actress Jennifer Aniston’s friends who helped Selene Gomez through her breakup with Justin Bieber. In the video, Selena says that Jennifer is an extraordinary person and that she was the one who supported her through difficult times. She also said it was her mother’s advice that helped her feel better inside.

Now you have to wonder how Jennifer could do something so difficult that even a rehabilitation clinic couldn’t do it. Well, Jennifer tried to help Selena with her precious words that touched her heart. Jennifer told Selena to have sex with a man.selena gomez and justin theroux,selena gomez and jennifer aniston friendship,jennifer aniston selena gomez friends