Kangaroo Jack Cast Reunion for Jimmy Kimmel Live Even Brings Back Kangaroo

Three stars of Kangaroo Jack, including even a computer-animated kangaroo, met this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live, almost 17 years after the release of the classic comedy in 2003. Directed by David McNally, movie stars Anthony Anderson and Jerry O’Connell, best friends from New York, ended up chasing a kangaroo in Australia after he jumped out of a mafioso with a large sum of money to turn him in. Although Jack’s film, Kangaroo, was a blockbuster and later became an icon, the critics weren’t impressed and applauded the film everywhere.

This week Josh Gad organized an online meeting of the Goonies cast, which even featured a performance by Stephen Spielberg. Inspired by the reunification of the Huns, Kimmel wanted to offer America a meeting of actors they eagerly awaited. While Anderson joined Kimmel for a scheduled interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night, Kimmel took the opportunity to surprise the black star with a special performance by Kangaroo star Jack Anderson, and O’Connell also participated in the show via webcam. You can watch the event on the ground floor.

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It is clear that Anthony Anderson and Jerry O’Connell are very happy to see each other again, even if it is only a video call. Outside, at the end of what he calls his driveway, O’Connell says he had to go outside for an interview because the house was too noisy… My stupid kids won’t get away from this Tik-Tok, even though I was reunited at JKL with my husband Anthony from the best movie of all time, O’Connell. Anderson takes the opportunity to joke about how much his co-star Kangaroo Jack was paid by producer Jerry Brookheimer and notes that the driveway looks more like a park.

Of course no Kangaroo Jack meeting would have been complete without a kangaroo, but fortunately Kimmel thought of that too. With another webcam we can see that a computer-animated kangaroo participates in the video call, while others wear the same striking colours and a red Brooklyn sweatshirt as in the original film. Anthony Anderson seems very anxious to see a kangaroo, although O’Connell seems to be distracted by the CGI animal. Why didn’t you call us? O’Connell asks ruthlessly. He goes on to say: That kangaroo came with us to the party. I don’t know what happened.

Although Kangaroo Jack hasn’t set fire to the world since its release, he managed to get a cartoon sequel in 2004, although neither Anderson nor O’Connell returned to give his characters a voice. Now that the film is almost 17 years old, it seemed that we would never see Anderson, O’Connell and a kangaroo on the same screen again. Fortunately, Kimmel saw a golden opportunity and seized it. Sure, it’s nice meeting you, but I wouldn’t bet Kangaroo Jack 3 is coming out soon. The video of Kangaroo Jack’s reunion came to us from Jimmy Kimmel Live on YouTube.

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