Kirti Kulhari on Four More Shots Please: ‘Last year’s trailer did not do justice to the show, but I am quite happy this time’ – tv

Actor Kirti Culhari returns with his four extra images for the Amazon Prime Video Show on the 17th. April’s coming back. Kirty plays a single mother and lawyer Anyanu in a series about four friends who focus on work, relationships and friendship.

In a conversation with HT, Kirty talked about finding a new fan base for a hit show, his work with Neal Bhuopalam and the possibility that the packaging of the show is a distraction.

There are four shots Please, people have enjoyed your work in more serious films like Pink, Shaitan and Indu Sarkar. But this exhibition has aroused great interest among the four of you. You expected it, and it was a good change?

I’m sure the fans who saw my previous work were on the serious side, and the people watching four more recordings, please, are different from each other. They may be normal, but there are a lot of new fans who probably wouldn’t have seen me in something like this before.

Yeah, part of me is always excited to do something new, to play a different character. But I’m also interested in how people are going to react to this situation. It’s this diversity that I offer as an actor that drives me to leave. I like extraordinary people.

If I do something tomorrow that people don’t like, I won’t do it again. I’ll keep trying anyway.

When I saw the trailer last season, it looked so bright and glamorous, a fun adventure for these friends. But the show had something to say and the trailer for the second season continues. Why do you think the exhibition is presented in this way?

My opinion about the trailer is that last year’s trailer did not meet the expectations of the series. But personally I am very satisfied with the trailer. We’ve been through season two, we know what’s in it. It’s a pretty good and realistic idea of what you’ll see in the show.

When we left Anjara last season, her story was one of the most heartbreaking. She was afraid of losing the child to her ex-husband. Will the child care battle be at the heart of Anyana’s story this season?

I don’t know! (song voice)! How can I tell you all this?

The trailer looks a little bit. I mean, Anyana is so devastated by the loss of her child, and the new season shows that she regularly spends time with her friends.

People can’t stay devastated for two or three months, can they? What you see in the trailer happened three or four months after that incident. You’ll hear the whole story about how much devastation, how it’s done to each of them and what they’ve done.

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I remember that your scenes with Bhoopalam, the memory of his dying marriage, were among the best in the series. What was it like shooting them?

I think there was a great chemistry between Neal and I. The first time we met in Shaitan, and we were both happy to hear that (four more recordings, please). So I guess we still have a congenital chemistry. Also, yes, there’s a lot of work being done in these scenes.

We talk a lot. Usually I just talk to Neal and tell him what it all means. He never reads the whole episode, he only reads his scenes. He has no idea, so I have to sit him down as a teacher and tell him Neill, pehle aise hota hai phir wise hota hai. So that’s fine.

This season you will see us together again, but of course the story goes on, the story of the outside world goes on. So many emotions are still intertwined. You will see many more emotions that will come out differently this season.

The first season showed us the friendship of the girls with each other, how they stay together and even get divorced. But I felt that the series really works in the individual stories of these characters and in their own struggles with the people in their lives. Does the new season follow the same pattern or do we see more challenges and facets in their friendship this time?

It’s very simple. There are four different ways of girls, and then you have girls together. These are the two most important aspects of the fair, and they always will be. While we focus on their individual backgrounds, we are also interested in how they stand behind each other.

I don’t think the difficulties will be alleviated. The second season is more dramatic, more fun, more stylish. It’s just better this time. We don’t make it that sweet. As far as writing is concerned, the depth is greater. I think people know these four characters now, they’ve invested in them. So now, in season two, all you have to do is ride with them. Season 2 will certainly be bigger and better.