Lori Loughlin’s Husband admits that he ‘worked the system’ to get his daughters to university, Newly Added Court Documents Confirm!

According to new court documents, Laurie Laughlin’s husband, Mosimo Giulli, has virtually admitted to working in the system to get his eldest daughter, Isabella, to go to the University of Southern California. This information was emailed to his financial advisor and should have been a joke, referring to the fact that he donated about $200,000 to Rick Singer’s charity.

The post was returned in 2017 and has now been accepted as evidence in all ongoing university admission fraud investigations to date.

The documents were first received by HollywoodLife and prove that after Isabella Rose Giannulli, 21, joined USC, her father not only contacted her financial advisor to discuss a massive donation, but also joked that she had to cheat the system to get into the university she wanted to attend.

The good news is that my [eldest] daughter works at [U]SC… The bad [news] is that I had to work with the system, he wrote an invoice detailing the donation.

In addition, his wife, actress Laurie Laughlin, also received a copy of an accountant’s invoice by post.

According to the FBI, this really means that they committed fraud by sending the money for their daughter to the school chosen by the team.

His other daughter Olivia Jade Giannulli was admitted to the same university under the same pretext only two years later.

However, it has been proven that all this was just a cover, since neither Isabella nor Olivia Jade had any previous experience in rowing, let alone received any award for their performance in the sport.

As you may have heard, several gold, silver and bronze medals have been awarded in various school competitions and some remarkable records have been broken.


But Olivia never took part in those races.


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