Maggie Grace Urges Former ‘Lost’ Co-Star Evangeline Lilly To Stay In Quarantine After Her Controversial Choice Not To

The former co-star of the Lost said that Lilly’s gospel did not take the quarantined coronavirus seriously. Maggie Grace made it very clear that she disagreed with the other actress when it came to her point of view on how to stay at home and practice social distance.

They may have a history because they both appeared on the very popular show Lost, but that doesn’t mean that Maggie will automatically support her former co-star because she disagrees with his approach to the pandemic.

She then used her platform to encourage Lilly to follow the rules, especially since another of her former Lost Stars, Danielle Dae-Kim, had a positive experience with the novel Coronavirus, known as KOWID-19.

Under Lilly’s position, Grace reported a long reaction to the virus and expressed concern about how she dealt with the global crisis.

In fact, the actress who played Kate in the show told the world that she was going to live her life, things are going as usual, which earned her much criticism on the Internet.

Maggie stated that there was no reason to panic, but that this applied to all of us – the vulnerable, the immune system, the elderly. Sure, it’s a free country, but how about using our wonderful freedom to have a little compassion, trust the vast science and not overburden healthcare.

No doctor is allowed to choose which patients receive life-saving care and which patients are sent home to die – a kind of triage that is taking place tragically in Italy today. Think about how these little decisions affect your dad and the people around you when the fans go out, she keeps writing.


After Lilly was summoned to stay home with the children, she ended her message by mentioning Daniel: Daniel’s SP says he’s doing much better. I don’t know, maybe you want to talk? Shadow!


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