Mama June Shannon Family Crisis Update: Where is She Today?

June's mother


Mama June, real name June Shannon, star of the popular reality series Mama June..: Not hot.

June’s mother, real name June Shannon, has been involved in dozens of controversies in recent years, including several drug scandals, drug possession arrests and crack addiction, which have kept the star away from her children and family.

June meets her daughters for the first time this season in an episode of 5. Mama June from a hot spot: Family crisis. The description of the episode is as follows: June’s back. The pumpkin will meet his mother in an emotional conversation with Dr. Isha. Meanwhile, Sugar Bare and Jennifer go after Alana.

Video of June Shannon’s mother, update on the family crisis: Where is she today? 2020-06-05T15:30:06-04:00

Although the June family can finally meet in person during the Friday episode, June’s daughter, Loreen Pumpkin Efird, is featured in the above commercial that says June is always high on all kinds of drugs. So it looks like June’s mom hasn’t had time to meet during the shooting.

With all the controversy surrounding the June show, fans may wonder what’s going on with the star of reality TV today. Did she finally succeed in kicking and detoxifying her drug addiction? She’s reunited with her family? Does she have a job? Is she still with Geno Doak’s old boyfriend? We now know about June Shannon’s mother:

She still meets Gino Doak, and admitted in January that she and her children do not speak

According to her Instagram page, June’s mother still sees Gino Doak. They were seen together at Publix on a COWID 19 pandemic food shopping trip in March, so it looks like they were seen together on 25 March. Let’s always walk together. None of the reality TV stars have revealed much about their status in a relationship lately, and they don’t post many new photos on Instagram, but they have been seen a few times in recent months.

Earlier this year, June admitted on Instagram that she and her children are still divorced and no longer on the phone. The reality star wrote on the 23rd. January: The children and I still don’t see each other and it was very difficult for all of us, but I hope that one day that will change, because I want them to know that I miss them and that I love them very much. (Note: The original message was full of spelling and grammar mistakes, so it was heavily reprinted to make it more readable for readers. You can see the original message here).

It is not clear whether anything has changed or improved in Mama June’s life in recent months, nor is it clear whether she is talking to the children or whether she has finally given up the drugs. However, Pumpkin and Honey Boo Boo (also known as his daughter Alana Thompson) are still following the reality star on Instagram, so even though they haven’t completely solved their problems yet, they seem friendly enough to keep in touch via social media.

Mother June and Doak both have baggage drop-off at the airport

According to People, Mama June and Doak are at work right now, so it seems that a reality TV star is trying to get her life back on track and get back together with her children. According to the publication, the two stars of Mama-Juin have to work to bring the luggage to the airport.

For example, suppose you’re here in this airport, then reality explains its work, according to People. Suppose all these bitches are covered with snow or something. And they come to these hotels and they want to know: Where’s my fucking luggage? They call us a company there.

added the month of June: Yeah, we worked today. We did some work today. It’s called real life. It is also reported that a source near June told a spokesperson at the store that she really wanted to get everything together, especially for her daughters.

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