Mamata to skip a PM meeting, Gov. says her name is missing from the list of speakers.

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Published : 17. June 2020 6:23:30

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Mamata Banerjee

The Prime Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, will miss a virtual meeting on the coronavirus situation with Prime Minister Narendra Maudie on Wednesday, after it was discovered that his name was not on the list of speakers. The meeting will be replaced by the Chief Secretary of Rajiv Singh, according to sources at the State Secretariat on Tuesday.

In the meantime, the Chief Minister will hold a videoconference with government officials to give an update on the situation with Covid-19 and to assist Amphan in the state.

The videoconference will take place at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, the day after the Prime Minister has already held a meeting with the most important ministers and governors of 21 Allied states and territories. At a meeting on Tuesday, Maudie said that negligence could destroy what has been achieved in the fight against Covida-19 and urged people to remain vigilant against the killer virus.

said a high-ranking official from the secretary of state’s department: On Wednesday, the Prime Ministers of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar and Telengana had the opportunity to address the meeting. But our CM name wasn’t on the list. Our Prime Minister therefore felt humiliated and decided not to attend the meeting.

The Trinamola Congress considered this an insult to the people of West Bengal and dealt a blow to the government of Maudie by accusing the centre of wanting to silence Banerjee’s voice.

The Bengali Minister of Education, Parta Chatterjee, and the senior CUP leader twittered: The Centre again humiliated the Bengali people and decided to silence Mamata Banerjee. Consultation on behalf of the videoconference is pointless if senior ministers are not allowed to express their concerns.

Cacoli Gosh Dastidar, CLC member, expressed his concern and joined the echo of Chatterjee. The Centre must explain why it is so dissatisfied with the concerns of the people of Bengal, now that we are dealing with this unprecedented crisis that we should have tackled together. Why call our honorable CM when you’re so afraid of her you can’t even make her talk, she tweets.

Dinesh Trivedi, a senior CUP leader and former Union Railways Minister, said the Centre was concerned that the CUP would expose the Maudie government’s failure on the Covid 19 front. The Centre seems so preoccupied with Mamata Banerjee’s constructive criticism of Covid-19’s reaction that our honourable CM is reduced to a stupid spectator of the last round of VC with the Prime Minister. The people of Bengal will not forgive this!

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