Marvel Teases a Traitor and Major Death


While the direct market share of the comic world is currently in flux, comic book lovers still have many events and interesting questions to ask. For Marvel fans, the next Empyrean event is definitely one of them, especially considering the enormous impact it will have on the world of fiction. If there are instructions in the fourth edition of the event, everything will be particularly tense for those involved in the event, because the betrayal is deep and the event claims to be the first victim. And as if that wasn’t enough, Empyre #4 also teases the piece you want to frame on the wall, which is quite a compliment for turning the plot.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

EMPYRE #4 (from 6)
Avengers ALEXANDER LOZANO’s cover
Four fantastic variations of MICHAEL CHO
Kree/Skrull TONY DANIEL’s cover
– The dimensions are mounted when the action is heated!
-The attack on Vakanda is getting more and more violent, the heroes are being hit by the enemies – and their allies!
-In a war where no one can be trusted completely, the betrayal is profound – because the foreign invasion makes the first casualty!
– In this issue: A shocking ending you didn’t expect! You’ll want to frame it for your wall, true believer!
40 GWP/evaluation T+ …4.99

At this point everyone can guess what kind of victim it is and what character this sudden betrayal is. The previous teaser image indicated that the hero would betray all his fellow superheroes, as well as many disabled bodies for everyone – from the Black Panther and Captain America to the Fantastic Four. The fact that She-Hulk and The Thing are visible on both the commercial art and the cover of number 4 is likely to give rise to some speculation.

As far as the Empyre event is concerned, you can read this official description here.

Including the number 1 who planted the seeds for the great event of 2020, the Empire! In this unique and exciting image, readers saw the Crying and Skull unite under a new emperor and set course for Earth. As the huge military fleet approaches, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four will be in the April 2020 EMPYRE, but will their combined strength be enough to save the day? Based on stories about the 80 years of Marvel’s history, the massive accumulation of this history will only rival the enormous influence it has on the future of the Marvel universe!

Don’t miss this wonderful fairy tale, created over the centuries by the masters Al Ewing and Dan Slott with the art of the incomparable city of Valerio. Get ready to experience what the editor of CB Cebulski describes as one of the most incredible and fantastic Marvel sagas ever put on the site!

Edition no. 4 of The Emperor is planned for this summer.

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