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Right Here are all 24 entrants that went into Australian Survivor: All Stars today.

Vakama (Yellow): AK, Brooke, Sissy, David, Flick, Jacqui, Jericho, Locky, Floor Covering, Moana, Phoebe as well as Tarzan.

Mokuta (Eco-friendly): Abbey, Harry, Henry, John, Lee, Lydia, Michelle, Nick, Shane, Sharn, Shonee as well as Zach.

28, AFLW Premiership Champion– Period 4
The physical danger in the Period 4 trinity with Pia as well as Janine, Abbey is back for All Stars as well as prepared to take points to the following degree. Functioning carefully with her colleagues in 2014, Abbey is wishing to locate her following Pia as well as Janine partnership yet understands it will not be very easy to recreate stating; “I discovered a lot a lot more regarding individuals as well as the video game when you in fact play it, so having one more chance to play is substantial. I had a fantastic time last period with Pia as well as Janine that it’s mosting likely to be odd doing it without them yet I’m mosting likely to construct connection with as many individuals as I can.

32, Wedding Event DJ– Period 2
Any person that saw Period 2 will certainly keep in mind AK as the sneakiest gamer on the island. And also this moment, he states it will not be any type of various. “I feel more relaxed this time, but I don’t regret anything I did last time – I played hard, I thought creatively and never gave up. I’m back this time but I haven’t changed, I want to win, and I want to have some fun.” Complying With on from his well known phony hen Idolizer, AK is delighted to play some large actions as well as maintain his track record as a person to watch on! He intends to make his lasting sweetheart, Bec, pleased as well as the follower area with solid video game play as well as remarkable minutes.

26, Health And Fitness Expert– Period 1
For Brooke, there’s one factor to return for Australian Survivor: All Stars– Flick. The Period 1 dishonesty of besties Flick as well as Brooke dropped in Australian Survivor background, as well as Brooke is back as well as wishes her old buddy is as well. Brooke claimed: “I’ve got a few reasons to come back and I want to win back my ‘Challenge Beast’ crown but really, I’m coming back for a Flick vs Brooke Showdown.” Relocating right into health and fitness full-time considering that the last time she played, Brooke has actually been running, boxing as well as doing stamina training to control in the physical difficulties.

24, Traveling Representative– Period 4
Charming as well as loud, there’s been no remainder for Sissy returning to the island. After making it to Court Suite in Period 4, she’s wishing to return more powerful than in the past. “I think I’m back because I’m crazy Daisy! I give everything 100%! I also tell it like it is and I’m not afraid to offend people with my honesty. I’m going to try not to be as paranoid this time and keep my cool more, but I am ready!”

39, Cover Girl– Period 4
The sneaky yet much-loved Golden God returns of what he describes as, “Revenge. Pure and simple.” Perth reproduced as well as New york city based Cover girl, David is back on the coastline as well as prepared to take his video game play to a brand-new degree also without his finest friend Luke by his side. “I would love to see Luke on that first day, but he’s already done it twice. I’m going to need a new spy network to keep an eye out for me this time around,” he claimed.

26, Traveling Professional– Period 1
Flick has actually taken minority years considering that she initially played Australian Survivor to research the video game as well as her actions carefully. “In the first season, my confidence was very low but now I’m three years older, more mature and have learnt to love myself for me. So I’m hoping that weakness is no more. “But I also believe making one of the biggest moves in the game and voting out my best friend, Brooke, definitely makes me an All Star as I wasn’t afraid to do whatever it took to win the game!”

30, Gelato Manufacturer– Period 4
Dirty Harry, the stick eating, Janine baiting, adorable bad guy is back once more momentarily opportunity at obtaining the win. Making it completely to Day 49 in the last period, Harry simply lost out on remaining in the last Tribal Council as well as isn’t intending to allow that occur once more. “I do not have any type of remorses from last time, yet I have actually additionally gained from it. I assume I’ll think about lasting video game play as well as the repercussions of my activities much more this moment around.

28, Educator– Period 2
Henry go back to Australian Survivor: All Stars as a more powerful as well as most likely much more truthful gamer. “I don’t think I’m going to be able to fly under the radar after everything I did in Season 2. Last time, I acted as a fake Yoga teacher. I threw challenges. I gave clues to my opposition. Trying to be something I’m not isn’t going to work this time. “I’ll be doing some fun tricks but I have to be smart about it. It’ll be Zen Hen 2.0 – bigger, better and stronger.”

52, Wedding Event Celebrant– Period 2
Jacqui intends to confirm to the more youthful entrants that a 52- year-old can tackle individuals half her age as well as make it throughout. “I’m here for shits and giggles and my second chance but really, I want people to know women over 50 have still got it and are just as, if not more capable than Gen Y.” Returning for All Stars, Jacqui has actually been paying attention to Survivor podcasts to bear in mind individuals’s actions. She has actually proceeded with her extreme health and fitness training for body structure, which she does properly. However despite all the job she’s placing in, Jacqui additionally understands her major top priority is to “have some fun, do my best and create once in a lifetime, kick ass memories!”

27, Steward– Period 2
Jericho understands returning to All Stars as a previous victor is not mosting likely to be a very easy run. With a clear target on his back, Jeri prepares to eliminate difficult to remain in the video game as well as isn’t daunted regarding individuals pursuing him. “I’m definitely going to be more on the frontline of the battle and more likelihood of getting booted early, but I’ve won already so this is a second chance and added bonus. I still want to win. I definitely won’t let people walk over me to get to the final two. I’m back for blood.”

29, Gold Miner– Period 4
Self-confessed Australian Survivor novice, it was a shock to no person greater than John, that he was just one of the last Competitors standing in Period 4. Without recognizing much regarding the video game and even what a Resistance Idolizer was, John wound up being among the heroes of the period due to his excellent nature, obstacle monster abilities as well as probably, the most effective mullet on Australian tv. “I do not get ready for Survivor, I simply survive by winging it. I do not understand just how I did it last time yet I’m wishing the exact same technique will certainly function this moment. I wish to make buddies as well as go better than last time. And also I wish to obtain my abdominals back!

44, Ex-Cricketer– Period 1
The initial hero as well as jogger up of Period 1, Lee is back for All Stars as well as his 2nd opportunity at obtaining the win. After a painful as well as nail-biting last obstacle in Period 1 with Kristie, Lee understands his method of having fun is not constantly the follower favourite. As the informal hero of the collection, Lee thought as well as still does that playing truthfully can take you completely.

30, Journey Tourist Guide– Period 2
A single person that will certainly locate it difficult to go under the radar is Locky. Not even if of his sports capability yet due to the fact that he is just one of the greatest men to ever before play Australian Survivor. At over 6 foot, Locky is a difficulty monster as well as he’s back for All Stars with a brand-new interest for adventuring as well as is extremely delighted to tackle the impressive difficulties that will certainly be tossed his method. “I love the challenges. I know some people get scared when they see them but it’s the absolute highlight for me. I own an adventuring company in Bali so it’s the stuff I love doing. I do base jumping, canyoneering, extreme sports – this is the stuff I love!”

37, Olympic Freestyle Skier– Period 3
Among one of the most affordable as well as achieved physical gamers the program has actually seen, Lydia returns completely video game setting. An Olympic Freestyle Skier, Lydia understands just how to press herself to reach completion yet had an impolite shock in her period when she was blindsided by Floor covering Rogers. Returning a bit for vengeance yet mainly momentarily opportunity, Lydia understands what she desires. “I require to trust my digestive tract as well as act swiftly on any type of warnings. I was most definitely keeping back last time, specifically in Tribal Councils as well as I can have been much more singing in my point of view.

Floor Covering
43, NRL Tale– Period 3
The Godfather returns, as well as he prepares to go! NRL as well as Rugby Organization excellent, Floor covering has actually turned into one of Australian Survivor’s many recognisable faces. He made it to the Court in Period 3 together with his finest friend in the video game, Task force, as well as Floor covering is anticipating seeing what the All Stars can bring. “I really hope to see Moana again. She had a tough run in our season so would love to see her healthy and smashing it. I loved Luke and Dave last time – they’re my favourites, hands down! I hated Dave initially, but he grew on me and Luke is such a loveable rogue.”

35, Baby-sitter– Period 2
Showing a great deal of individuals incorrect, Michelle not just made it to the leading 4 in her period, she additionally won a vehicle! While a great deal of her fellow castaways saw a Sydney lady that enjoys the races as well as adorable clothing, Michelle ended up being a tactical gamer that can hold her very own. And also returning for All Stars, she’s expecting the exact same response. “I have the philosophy that you have to risk it for the biscuit! I am going to play savage, trust my gut and chat, chat, chat.”

31, AFLW Footballer– Period 3
Back for redemption as well as a 2nd opportunity for the win, Moana is delighted to reach the island as well as begin. Really feeling that she’s obtained some incomplete service, she’s not mosting likely to allow this chance slide by. Unfortunately for Moana, she was unhealthy throughout her period as well as left the video game sensation like she had not had the ability to offer it her all. When the chance involved sign up with All Stars, Moana prepared to go. “I’m the underdog. No one understands what I can as well as somehow, being ill last time ought to make everybody ignore me this moment.

31, Institution Educator– Period 1
In the real life, Nick is a wonderful institution instructor as well as brand-new papa. However in Australian Survivor, he is the initial serpent as well as bad guy from the very first period. Recognizing his duty in the collection, Nick claimed: “I’m Nick the snake. I know that and I love it. I’m a loud mouth and I think I was one of the few real players in the first season, who wanted to play.” Leaving a brand-new birthed infant in the house was the greatest obstacle Nick encountered in returning. However, the opportunity to return as an All Celebrity was as well great for this superfan to overlook.

30, Attorney– Period 1
If any person had a run of rotten luck throughout their period, it was Phoebe. The utmost combatant that obtained torn down yet maintained returning up, she’s a follower favourite for a factor. In the minority every which way, Phoebe took care of to turn the video game around to remain as long as feasible. “I drew short straws the whole time and got very unlucky, but it happens, and I kept pushing. “I think I’m back because I played hard, I set records, I never gave up and I had a blast. I played hard from day one all the way till my torch was snuffed. I’m definitely fitter and now have four more years of life experience that I hope will help me this year!”

62, Olympic Gold Medallist– Period 3
Not just is Shane Gould an Australian Symbol as well as Olympian yet she’s additionally the earliest Australian Survivor victor as well as prepares to do all of it once more! After winning the very first Australian Survivor: Champions v Competitors in Period 3, Shane has actually completed her PhD as well as finished in doctoral researches. With all her job far from the island, she’s delighted ahead back for All Stars as well as offer it one more opportunity. “I won my period, I was the earliest to win as well as I played a refined video game with some well-timed actions, excellent luck as well as excellent aid from allies at the correct times.

42, Lawyer– Period 3
Straight chatting as well as secret planner, Sharn is a lawyer from Melbourne that is returning for her 2nd opportunity as well as chance to ultimately secure the win. After coming 2nd to Shane Gould, Sharn coped concepts that she had not been faithful to her partnership so understands not allowing that occur once more. “I don’t have any real regrets from the last time because everything I did got me as far as I could go and to be in the final two. If I had any regrets, it would be that I didn’t stop the persistent questioning of me in relation to loyalty. I thought I was more loyal than people gave me credit for.”

27, Individual Aide– Period 3
As one component of the Shonella duo in Period 3, Shonee is back without her finest friend Fenella yet isn’t mosting likely to allow it reduce her down. The individual aide from London that enjoys cooling on the coastline as well as alcohol consumption margaritas is not worried to obtain her hands unclean. After coming 4th in her period, Shonee mores than happy when individuals misjudge her. “I was the last Contender standing and survived 17 Tribal Councils in my season! I am an All Star!”

53, Lime Farmer– Period 2
The pleasant lime farmer from Queensland, Tarzan might not be the greatest planner yet he is just one of one of the most liked gamers in Australian Survivor background. Tarzan, also known as Mark, ended up being a dad number to his people as well as also quit a Resistance Idolizer that he discovered to aid his friend, Tessa. This moment, he’s discovered a couple of even more methods to playing the video game yet will certainly still be the Tarzan individuals understand as well as like. “My Survivor game plan is to become all things to all men and women, gain their confidence and have them take me as far in the game as possible. I might have to turn on people at some point, but I really will try not to and will kill me to do it.”

40, Individual Fitness Instructor– Period 3
Among one of the most questionable gamers to strike the island, Zach was not favoured by his women castaways, yet he states he’s gained from it as well as intends to reveal his actual side. “I have focused on the political correctness side of my interactions, thanks to one of my training clients. She has been educating me on how to interact with people and I have learnt a lot. I don’t want to have a reputation as someone that isn’t me so I would like to prove that I am not what people think.”

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