Mumbai records 97 Covid-19 deaths, the highest in the day.

Written by: Tabassum Barnagarwala
| Mumbai |

Published : 11. June 2020 at 6:08:51

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State expected to go through a case of Lakh this weekend. It has already reached 94,041 cases and is increasing by an average of 3,000 cases per day. (Alternative)

Ninety days after Mumbai registered his first case, 97 people died in the city on Wednesday from Covid-19 – the highest number of deaths in one day since the start of the pandemic – and the number of deaths in the city rose to 1,857.

Maharashtra also recorded the highest number of deaths, with 149 deaths and 3,254 cases in a single day.

The state is scheduled to go through a Lakh waterfall this weekend. It has already reached 94,041 cases and is increasing by an average of 3,000 cases per day.

The death toll in the state is 3,438. The number of new cases in Thane has increased, although the doubling rate in Pune is only slowly doubling. These two districts have the highest number of cases after Mumbai.

Iqbal Singh Chahal, commissioner of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), said Wednesday that the city had 10,400 beds available for the admission of patients with positive, mild and symptomatic covariectomy. Although there are sufficient category II beds in the Covid Care Centre, there are fewer beds available in the city for the seriously ill. The BMC portal showed up to nine. As of June there are still 10 beds available for ICU patients and 22 beds for those who need a ventilator. In public and private hospitals dedicated to Covid, which admit seriously ill patients, 617 beds are unoccupied. Currently 27,109 people are actively infected in the city.

We are trying to increase the number of beds in the intensive care unit by 300 over the next 10 days, said Chahal, adding that the city has not seen any deaths of patients with kidney failure with Covid-19 from dialysis machines in the last 20 days. Chahal said the tests have been back since the 5th. The month of June has been significantly revised. According to the new guidelines, high-risk contacts can themselves be certified for a test carried out in a private laboratory without a medical prescription.

After 14 days of an average doubling of the number of coronavirus cases to 24. In May it now takes 24.5 days to double the number of cases in Mumbai, according to data published by the BMC. Meanwhile, the dismissal rate in the city is 44%. The mortality rate in Mumbai increased to more than 7% in April. As a result of measures to increase intensive care and oxygen supply and the decentralised allocation of beds under private and municipal sponsorship, the mortality rate has been steadily decreasing and currently stands at 3%. According to the BMC, 7,600 beds are occupied by Covid-19 patients. The BMC wants to increase the total number of beds in the IC by 300 in the next 10 days.

Civic said the number of daily tests in Mumbai has increased dramatically. People now turn directly to private laboratories for testing, because prescriptions are no longer needed. Even those who are not at great risk submit a self-declaration and are tested, according to Prashant Gaikwad, Assistant Commissioner of the BMC. Of the 4,000 tests per day in the month of May, one day after the review of the testing policy, the 6th test was carried out on the same day. In June, 4,833 tests were registered on the 7th in Mumbai. There were 4,954 tests in June and of the 8. 3,671 tests in June.

In addition to Mumbai, who recorded 97 deaths, Thane recorded 15, Pune 10, Aurangabad 7, Navi Mumbai 5, Jalgaon 5, Ulhasnagar 3, Vasai Virar 2, Akola 2 and one each in Gadchiroli, Amravati and Beed.

In Maharashtra, 4,688 tests are performed per million people, much lower than in Rajasthan, which performs 7,623 tests per million people, and in Tamil Nadu, 18,209 tests per million people. Even at that time, Maharashtra was responsible for up to 19 cases of Covid-19, representing 33.5 percent of the country’s burden.

The situation in Akola is still gloomy: Two more patients died on Wednesday, bringing the total number of deaths in the district to 42. The Amravati district is the second largest hotspot in the region with 17 deaths, followed by Nagpur with 15 deaths out of 862. In the districts of Amravati, Akola, Buldhana, Yavatmal and Washim 67 people were killed out of a total of 1,450. Nagpur experienced its biggest jump in one day with 86 new cases reported in the city. The total number of cases in the district is 863.

There were a total of 2,542 cases in Vidarbha with 1,703 discharged patients.

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