Nebraska Huskers made an offer to sign quarterback Alex Orji

The Nebraska Haskers paid attention to recruitment until the off-season training was resumed. In Nebraska in 2022, coach Scott Frost seems to have preferred the quarterback position. Before spring training was canceled due to the coronavirus, Coach Frost was planning to fight for the spot of the current quarterback.

Current debutant, Adrian Martinez regression 2019

Last season’s quarterback, Adrian Martinez, was unable to build on the momentum of his promising 2018 season after 1,956 yards and ten touchdowns.

Martinez also had to deal with injuries last year and missed two games. After the season, the young quarterback was operated on, but he recovered and had to attend spring training. Coach Frost looked forward to challenging Martinez in his spring training and wanted the quarterback to prove he deserved to be the team’s undisputed starter. However, due to the indefinite postponement of spring training, the team will have to retain Martinez as the incumbent.

Coach Frost plans the future without Martinez

But the 2020 season will be the third for Martinez and the Haskers. The team needs to develop a succession plan for the starting quarterback, as he is unlikely to be on the roster after the 2021 season. In this context, the Haskers have aggressively targeted potential quarterbacks in their 2022 recruitment class. The team has already made offers to three quarterbacks that will ensure a smooth transition for Martinez when the time comes.

The last player to receive an offer from the Huskers is quarterback Alex Orzhi, of the Sasche High School.

The 2.205-pound quarterback played at Bishop Dunn High School before joining Sasha. Orji also has offers from Minnesota, Oklahoma, Baylor and Kansas. A young Avenue announced the news of the Nebraska offer on its Twitter account. After a wonderful conversation with Coach Verdusco I am grateful for the offer of the University of Nebraska!

Orji is the third quarterback in the 2022 class to receive a bid from the Huskers.

The other two quarterbacks are Nikko Marciol and Steven Angeli. Nebraska made offers to two players last week and coach Frost insisted that the team continue to make offers to other players during the coronavirus holiday. Frost will be the coach of the Haskers for the third season and has set a total record of 9-15 in the past two seasons. However, despite the loss of the disk, Frost may be about to reverse the process. Nebraska’s last two levels of recruitment are among the top 25 in the country each year.

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