Now not the time to reduce resources for WHO as it fights COVID-19: Guterres

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Published : 15. April 2020. 9:13:58


The head of the UN stressed that the virus is unprecedented in our lives and requires an unprecedented response.

This is not the right time to cut World Health Organization (WHO) resources to combat the Covid 19 pandemic, said UN President Antonio Guterres after US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of World Health Organization (WHO) funding, accusing the United States of serious mismanagement and concealment of the coronavirus.

The trump card government has accused the WHO of siding with China for the coronavirus epidemic that has slowed down the US economy. Today I am calling on my government to stop funding the World Health Organization while a study is being carried out to assess the World Health Organization’s role in disrupting and hiding the spread of the coronavirus. Everybody knows what happened out there, Trump told reporters Tuesday.

The UN Secretary-General expressed his support for the WHO after the attack on the trump card, saying it was not the right time to look back and assess how all parties had reacted to the crisis.

Since this is neither the time nor the place to reduce resources for the operations of the World Health Organization or any other humanitarian organization in the fight against the virus, António Guterres said on Tuesday.

He said it is time for unity and solidarity between the international community to stop the virus and its devastating effects. According to Johns Hopkins University, the new coronavirus, which appeared in November in the city of Wuhan in Hubei Province, Central China, has so far infected 1.97 million people and killed at least 126,500 people worldwide, including more than 25,000 in the United States.

U.S. taxpayers contribute $400 to $500 million a year to the WHO, while China contributes $40 million a year or even less, Trump said.

As the main sponsor, U.S. organizations must insist on full responsibility. One of the most dangerous and costly decisions taken by the WHO was its disastrous decision to oppose travel restrictions from China and other countries, Trump said.

Last week António Guterres told the WHO that the Covid 19 pandemic is one of the most dangerous problems the world faces in our lives. This is primarily a human crisis with serious medical and socio-economic consequences.

Mr Guterres reiterated his message last week when he said that the WHO, with its thousands of staff, is at the forefront of supporting Member States and their societies, particularly the most vulnerable, in the fight against the virus with specific life-saving advice, training, equipment and services.

I think it is necessary to support the World Health Organization because it is absolutely necessary for the world community to win the war against COVID-19, António Guterres said.

The head of the United Nations stressed that this virus is unprecedented in our lives and requires an unprecedented response. António Guterres talked about supporting the WHO’s efforts to overcome the crisis: It is clear that under such circumstances the same fact can be interpreted differently by different subjects. When we finally reverse the course of this epidemic, we must have time to look back to understand how this disease originated and spread so quickly around the world and how all those involved reacted to the crisis. The lessons learned will be important for effectively tackling similar problems that may arise in the future. But this is not the right time, António Guterres said.

In response to Trump’s decision, Abby Maxman, president and chief executive of Oxfam America, said the decision to fight the World Health Organization during a pandemic is short-sighted to say the least. Instead of bringing us together in this global crisis, President Trump has attacked world leaders and institutions to get rid of the responsibility for the failure of his own government.

The organization said that Mr. Trump, by taking the final step to cut WHO funding, was destroying any hope of responsible international cooperation and solidarity, which is crucial to saving lives and rebuilding the world economy.

Withholding money and blaming others means wasting time and needlessly causing death, suffering and poverty. And that doesn’t bring the United States and the world any closer to the end of the disaster, Maxman said, adding that Trump must immediately change course and act as the world leader expects.

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