OneRepublic releases newest single ‘Better Days’ while in quarantine

The latest single of the American band OneRepublic is part of their upcoming fifth studio album. The single The Better Days is a cheerful song with a cheerful message, which will be released on the 25th. The month of March fell when the group was quarantined.

The song is part of the fifth studio part of the band Human, which will be released on the 9th edition. May be published.

According to Rolling Stone, the song was written and recorded by the band last week. In dark times, such as the KOVID 19 pandemic, the trail should arouse some optimism.

The deadline for releasing a OneRepublic album coincided with the global pandemic.

According to the monthly magazine, the worldwide spread of the coronavirus took place in the final phase of the album. In particular, the album’s end date fell just as the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a global pandemic.

Soloist Ryan Tedder stated in a statement that several members of the group had met someone from COVID-19 in London. He also explained that at that time they knew nothing about the man carrying the virus.

This direct contact led to the band members being quarantined in Tedder’s studio in Los Angeles.

Better Days was one of the two remaining songs of OneRepublic. Instead, the group decided to focus on events and experiences such as the outbreak of a virus.

OneRepublic sets an extended receipt date forvirus funds.

As explained in the group, the money collected in the best days goes to the COVID-19 virus fund.

In addition, part of the flows will be paid into a fund to help people who have been severely affected by the coronavirus.

OneRepublic invites fans to participate in the compilation of videos for the film Best Days in the Near Future.

OneRepublic invites fans to help create their next Best Daysvideo.

The band not only donates the proceeds, but also attracts fans for the video production.

Tedder explained this in his social network video (Twitter) on the 25th. Mars that he wants their followers to participate and eventually share their viral stories.

What kind of images are you looking for? They want people in their homes to show kindness. Also listen to the first responders, volunteers, survivors and others who explain how to maintain their health. You’ll also find examples of how to cook, how to keep in touch with others in a practical way and how to safely send videos from your neighborhood, city or community.

I wanted to tell you a story about the best days and ask you how you can help us make a video for him.
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3. Send the video recorded horizontally.
Deadline for sending materials – Saturday!


Those interested in participating in this creative process should first download the Cinebody application from the App Store.

After downloading, you will be asked to enter the code and enter HOPE. Make sure the video is recorded in landscape or landscape mode. The deadline for registration is Saturday the 28th. Mars.

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