Out of Gram and Tube: Social Media Rescue Biggies-More Lifestyle

Digital creators and social network influencers were at the forefront during this lockdown. By having more viewers and adding responsibility for consistent and accurate content on their respective platforms, we were able to communicate with multiple content authors to find out what problems they encounter on a daily basis during a lockdown.


If you are at Instagram, you probably know Instagram and the site called TedTheStoner. Jitendra Sharma, also known as TedTheStoner, works on memes, adoption reports and other important reports: In this isolation, social networks play an important role in everyone’s life. But it depends on what you want to feed.

He says: One of the most important tasks is to publish content on a regular basis, because most of us now have time to make phone calls and everyone gets bored during the lockdown. Then he adds: If this becomes a new standard, it may somehow influence the creators of social media. It’ll be different now.

Nikun Lotya alias Beunik


Writer and comedian Nikun Lotia, known from the YouTube channel BeYounick, says in his own words that the blockade was a long pause for him. But he also says that there is a certain limit when the team needs to be brought together to define ideas and above all to execute them as we normally do. But that didn’t stop Lotia and her crew.

We exchanged content, entertained people and did a lot of things, he says and adds: It’s easy to get angry when everything we do is suddenly blocked. We helped entertain our viewers and reminded them to stay at home, wash their hands and even raise money for the underprivileged.

Ranvir Allahbadia, also known as Bear Biceps.

Beer biceps

Ran Allahbadia’s trip with his BeerBiceps necklace was downright phenomenal. Although he documented his fitness trip for the first time, over the years he has dared to tackle various topics such as entrepreneurship, men’s fashion and mental health.

Allahbadia finds it very important to send the right message. The voice of an influential person in social networks costs thousands, if not thousands of normal voices, which are only collected through the audience we create. He also thinks that if this becomes the new standard, it will be beneficial for many creators, but you will also see that some content creators will disappear because many people depend on the open space for their filming.

Madan Gowry is one of the most watched YouTubers in South India.

Madan Gowry

Madan Goury, known for his informative videos on his YouTube channel, is one of the most viewed content authors with more than 3.5 million Youtube subscribers in South India alone. About the lockdown, Gauri says: She was both good and cursed. The audience of my YouTube channel has grown, but the blockade has confused the digital space.

Ask him what this lockdown taught him and he’ll tell you: We don’t need trendy studios or large productions to produce fascinating content. Smartphone technology is also first-class. You can easily save, edit, download and analyze with the phone in your pocket. People are willing to appreciate any product as long as it benefits their lives.