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Sametop Canon FD/NEX Lens Adapter

Incredible glass at a budget-friendly rate is not simply a dream.

At $3K, the Sony a7S II is not a low-cost electronic camera. In addition to that, your option of indigenous full-frame is instead minimal and also all set you back a king’s ransom. As an example, Sony’s 55 mm f/1.8 prime lens expenses almost $1,000

Thrifty Fifty? Not truly.

Sony FE 55mm f/1.8 Prime Lens

Rather than going down an awesome grand on a solitary lens, you can grab an adapter for your existing lenses at a portion of the expense. This is the power of a highly-adaptable electronic camera like the a7S II– purchase your lenses when and also utilize them on your present and also future video cameras with the help of a straightforward adapter.

If you do not have any kind of existing lenses, you can still construct a strong collection of lenses for video clip manufacturing without also coming close to the expense of a solitary indigenous lens from Sony by grabbing some vintage Canon FD lenses and also an adapter.

You can obtain lens adapters are for essentially any kind of lens install, yet discovering a budget-friendly adapter that additionally does well can confirm to be tough. Economical adapters abound, yet they’re regularly extra problem than they deserve as a result of inadequate construct top quality or an absence of quality assurance.

I checked a number of economical E-Mount adapters for Canon FD lenses, and also for just around $13, I enjoyed to uncover that Sametop’s Canon FD to NEX adapter gives a really strong method to fire with Canon FD lenses on E-mount video cameras like the Sony a7S II.

Simply the Statistics Ma’am

  • Adapter kind: Easy (no electronic devices)
  • Lens install: Canon FD
  • Video camera install: NEX/E-Mount (Sony a7S II, Sony a7R II, and so on)
  • Framework Dimension: Full-frame, APS-C
  • Aperture Control: Handbook (Clickless ring)
  • Emphasis: Handbook
  • Weight: 84 g
  • Service Warranty: 24 months (30 day money-back warranty)
  • Cost: $1299

Even more info/ Inspect present rate

Canon … FD?

Canon FD Lenses

You might recognize with Canon’s modern-day EF-mount lenses, yet Canon’s older FD-mount lenses are certainly worth an appearance also. The FD install was Canon’s typical lens install for almost 20 years till it was changed by the EF install in 1987.

Optically, FD lenses were incredible, yet the EF-mount was the method onward for Canon, using modern-day services such as autofocus, in-camera aperture control, and also photo stablizing. Therefore, FD lenses came to be “legacy lenses”– inoperative and also deserted– entrusted to gather dirt in storage rooms as their optical expertise discolored from memory.


Many thanks to the brief flange range of Sony’s E-mount, mirrorless video cameras like the a7S II can utilize essentially any kind of lens– consisting of FD lenses– with the help of a straightforward adapter.

Sametop Canon FD/NEX Lens Adapter

FD lenses are an excellent alternative for E-mount shooters for a number of factors:

  • Incredible photo top quality– FD lenses provide a good natural photo, providing excellent interpretation without showing up scientific or overly-sharpened like some modern-day lenses.
  • Full-Frame– Canon FD lenses were created for full-size 35 mm movie protection, so you do not need to bother with vignetting on the a7S II’s full-frame sensing unit.
  • Inexpensive– As shooters moved to the EF-mount, they no more had any kind of usage for their FD lenses, suggesting numerous utilized lenses can currently be had for well under $100 a pop.
  • Extremely versatile– A huge flange range permits Canon FD-mount lenses to be adjusted to a wide range of video cameras, from the Sony a7S II to the ARRI ALEXA and also the RED Dragon.
  • Wide Choice– Canon FD lenses were generated for over 20 years, providing you a comprehensive directory of lenses to select from.

As an example, my very first (and also still my favored) Canon FD lens was the charming FD 50 mm f/1.4 “Chrome Nose” prime lens from1971 This lens is developed like a container and also a desire to fire with at f/2. It’s sharp, yet still supplies a good superficial deepness of area to separate your topic from the history.

Also much better, it just cost me $30

Canon FD 50mm f/1.4

I have actually fired stills and also video clip throughout the globe, frequently equipped with simply this 50 mm lens.

Electric Blue Hydrangeas

Stand Tall
Deep in Thought
Post Man
Backstreets of Osaka

Obviously, FD lenses are completely hands-on, suggesting they do not use modern-day attributes such as autofocus. Nonetheless, hands-on emphasis is advised when firing video clip anyhow, so it’s not something you’ll miss out on in many scenarios. Actually, FD lenses frequently have much smoother emphasis rings than modern-day EF lenses, providing the side for drawing emphasis.

One more point to remember is that there is a pleasant area for FD lenses. There have actually been numerous advancements in optical style considering that manufacturing of FD lenses finished, so not all FD lenses are victors. Prime lenses in between 24 mm and also 100 mm are where FD lenses truly beam. This is the variety where you’ll locate some incredible glass with great large apertures that provide a motion picture photo.

Note: A listing of advised Canon FD lenses is consisted of at the end of this blog post to assist you start.

Profits: Canon FD lenses enable you to construct a collection of quick prime lenses at a budget-friendly rate.

Lens Compatibility

Sametop’s FD adapter works with Canon FD and also FL lenses. Both breech lock and also bayonet install lenses are sustained by this adapter.

Canon FD Breech Lock & Bayonet Lens Mounts

While some adapters are just created for video cameras with smaller sized APS-C sensing units, Sametop’s FD adapter is completely suitable with Sony’s full-frame video cameras such as the a7S II and also a7R II. I checked higher-priced “full-frame” adapters from various other makers and also Sametop’s adapter carried out equally as well, otherwise much better than those adapters.

Compatible with full-frame sensors

Profits: Sametop’s FD adapter provides you accessibility fully collection of Canon FD/FL lenses and also works video cameras with both full-frame and also APS-C sensing units.

P is for Easy

As previously-mentioned, Canon FD lenses are completely hands-on– you will not locate any kind of autofocus, photo stablizing, or any kind of various other capability that needs interaction with the electronic camera on these lenses.

Because Of This, Sametop’s adapter is a simple passive adapter without digital links of any kind of kind.

Passive adapter

Apart from a clickless ring that permits you to efficiently open up and also shut the lens’ aperture, Sametop’s adapter has no relocating components. Its simpleness implies this adapter ought to be reasonably hassle-free.

Clickless Aperture adjustment ring

Profits: Sametop’s FD adapter is easy as FD lenses do not call for a digital link to the electronic camera.

Develop Quality

Among the very first points you observe right out of package is that Sametop’s Canon FD adapter really feels quite strong. Evaluating in at 84 g, the adapter is not hefty, yet it does not really feel vulnerable either.

Solid build quality

Fit and also coating is excellent also. Many thanks to having just a couple of relocating components, there truly isn’t anything on the adapter that hangs or rattles.

Furthermore, the adapter is made entirely out of steel without plastic components. Whatever yet the lens install is plated with a smooth black coating that withstands scrapes well.

Smooth black anodized finish

Profits: The construct top quality of Sametop’s FD adapter is remarkably excellent, matching adapters that set you back often times extra.


Sametop’s Canon FD adapter has concerning 1mm of play each on both lens-side and also camera-side, which prevails also when firing with indigenous lenses. Older FD and also FL lenses with breech lock installs have absolutely no play many thanks to their rubbing ring.

Breech lock lenses lock on tightly

You need to use a respectable quantity of torque on the adapter to move it, so the quantity of play has actually absent numerous problems in real capturing, though there might be some changing with extremely light-weight lenses. Nonetheless, revolving the emphasis ring on many lenses needs much less pressure than it requires to move the adapter, so it’s not likely that the play will certainly be obvious in many scenarios.

Profits: The adapter installs comfortably and also has concerning the exact same quantity of play as an indigenous lens. You need to not observe it unless you truly turn the lens installed on this adapter.

Infinity Emphasis

Lens resistances are unbelievably limited and also it’s not unusual for a low-cost adapter to fudge the numbers a bit, which can shake off points like infinity emphasis. This is why I was stunned to locate that Sametop’s FD adapter definitely toenails infinity emphasis.

There are a great deal of various FD lenses around, so you’re gas mileage might differ, yet every one of the lenses I checked struck infinity emphasis flawlessly with this adapter.

Adapter provides accurate infinity focus

Lots of adapters– particularly adapters for classic lenses– are created to concentrate simply past infinity to guarantee that all lenses will certainly get to infinity emphasis. This enhances the adapter’s lens compatibility, yet it additionally implies that your lens’ emphasis markings might not be exact throughout the whole focal variety. It behaves to see this is not a trouble with Sametop’s FD adapter.

Profits: All lenses checked with Sametop’s FD adapter struck infinity emphasis flawlessly.


Utilizing this adapter and also your FD lenses with an E-mount electronic camera is quite uncomplicated:

  1. Mount the adapter on the electronic camera.
  2. Mount a lens on the adapter.
  3. Shoot.

Mount adapter on camera

Mount FD lens on adapter

Nonetheless, considering that the electronic camera does not have any kind of digital link to the lens when making use of easy adapters such as this one, it has no other way of understanding whether there’s really anything affixed to the electronic camera. Therefore, you require to inform the electronic camera that it’s all right to fire without a lens affixed to stay clear of mistake messages when firing stills or tape-recording video clip.

Default error message when using manual lenses on the Sony a7S I

As an example, on the Sony a7S II, you require to establish Custom-made Setups (4)/ Launch w/o Lens to Allow when utilizing this adapter.

Sony a7S II setting must be enabled to shoot with manual lenses

Profits: Capturing with this adapter is as easy as can be. Simply see to it you disable lens discovery on your electronic camera to stay clear of any kind of mistake messages.

Like a Complete Establish of Lenses for Just $13

Among the most effective aspect of capturing with adjusted lenses is that you can proceed utilizing your existing lenses on a brand-new electronic camera simply by grabbing an adapter. This implies you do not need to buy an entirely brand-new collection of lenses for the electronic camera; you can begin firing as soon as possible making use of lenses that you’re currently accustomed to.

The cherry ahead is that a strong adapter like Sametop’s Canon FD/E-mount adapter permits you to begin firing with low-cost FD lenses for just $13 This adapter is strong, durable, and also does well. And also, at this rate, you do not require to go all-in on FD lenses– this adapter is economical sufficient to grab also if you simply have one FD lens.

Is Canon FD the only install you should utilize to construct a collection of lenses for the a7S II? Not by a long odds– FD lenses are an excellent worth, yet there are a number of various other tradition and also modern-day lenses you have accessibility to with the a7S II’s flexible lens install such as Nikon, M42, and also also Canon EF.

We’ll be covering adapters for various other lens installs in upcoming overviews, so register for totally free updates listed below to be informed when they are launched.

Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 is the perfect walkaround lens for the Sony

Canon FD 28mm f/2.8 is a great wide-angle lens for the Sony a7S

Suggested Canon FD Lenses

Below is a list of some advised FD lenses to utilize with the Sony a7S II (or any kind of various other E-mount video cameras) and also Sametop’s FD adapter:

  • Canon FD 50 mm f/1.4– A functional focal size for full-frame video cameras like the Sony a7S II. It’s a little bit soft large open, yet tidies up magnificently at f/2.
  • Canon FD 24 mm f/2– A quick and also large prime, excellent for landscapes or capturing on a stabilizer like a Glidecam or a 3-axis gimbal.
  • Canon FD 28 mm f/2.8– Not the sharpest lens large open, yet extra economical than the 24 mm f/2. When quit down, this is a good light-weight wide-angle lens for capturing on a Glidecam or a 3-axis gimbal.
  • Canon FD 85 mm f/1.8– A medium-tele lens with a good large aperture makes this a lovely picture lens.

Pro Pointer: When getting classic lenses, take care to stay clear of lenses with the complying with problems:

  • Scrapes
  • Haze
  • Oil on the aperture blades
  • Fungi

Note: Dirt is nearly inescapable in older lenses, yet it normally will not impact photo top quality unless there is an unusually high quantity of dirt in the lens.


  • Sony a7S II
  • Sametop Canon FD to Sony E-mount Adapter

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