Predictions and Pressing Issues to The House

The new NXT TakeOver is on its way and will be one of the most memorable events of recent times. Taking over the NXT : In your home returns to the classic In your home format, giving it a black and gold signature tint, although it doesn’t matter unless you have an exciting card. Fortunately, TakeOver is also busy with this event, as there are three championship games in the night, the start of a spectacular fight, there will certainly be an eventful 6-day women’s game and the possibility of one or two surprises before the end of the evening. Therefore, the WWE team has several predictions and opinions to share about the big night, and you can see all our thoughts on the next slide.

As far as the actual prediction is concerned, we undoubtedly look at every game in the championship and have some thoughts about who could be the guest of the surprise. We’ll also reveal who will be the number one challenger in the NXT women’s championship and we’re even looking forward to the next TakeOver. Also, I put a facade prediction on that list, because that’s what you have to do if Johnny Gargano is involved, although it’s not what you expected.

You can see our forecast from the next slide, and here is a complete update of the NXT TakeOver : It’s on your business card.

NXT championship game: Adam Cole versus the Velvet Dream.

The NXT women’s championship: Charlotte Flair versus Rhea Ripley versus Io Shirai.

Tommaso Champa versus Carrion Cross with Scarlett.

North American NXT Championship : Keith Lee versus Johnny Gargano…

Six wives game: Shotsy Blackhart, Tegan Knox and Mia Yim versus Dakota Chi, Raquel Gonzalez and Candice LeRay.

Finn Balor versus Damien Priest.

You will find the official description of the NXT TakeOver : In your house on the ground floor.

The iconic pay-per-view tradition that began 25 years ago returns under a black and gold flag for NXT TakeOver : In your house. Don’t miss the three championship fights, the crazy races and many others that take place on Sunday the 7th. June 7th on 7 ET/4 PT at WWE.

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Walter finally managed to level?

(Photo: WWE)

Matthew Aguilar: The quarrel between the Finns and the priest Balor Damien was a nice one, although it was previously used as an appetizer for the main course, namely Balor Walter. This game has been plagued for a long time, and while Walter had no problem returning to the United States, Balor seems to be the next logical and fascinating step. I’ll make it.

Connor Casey: I don’t know how that’s possible. Walter is still stuck abroad with people like Jordan Devlin and Pete Dunn, and the WWE has no control over when they may return. It may appear on the video screen to give a warning, but that’s it.

Ryan Drost: As Connor said, I could see him on screen with a pre-recorded video, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing him at the Performance Centre. I think the company plans to keep the game for about two months at the next TakeOver, but they will play it by ear and build it remotely.

Nick Valdez: After their enmity was suspended because of KOVID-19, I honestly forgot that this was their plan. We are far enough away from that first change that there really is no reason to continue. You’ll have to find something else to hold Balor, including other enemies, so it can be installed on Walter more than anything else.

Evan Valentine: I support Connor’s thoughts in this regard, as there are certainly extenuating circumstances as to whether this game can be played. It may have been a while ago, but it doesn’t seem like it.

Who should be the NXT champion after the restart?

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Matt: Ok, my first reaction is everybody except Charlotte, but mostly because she’s too thin between 3 shows and her performances on NXT are a bit too heavy compared to Raw or SmackDown. There are advantages if both Shirai and Ripley have a title, but I think the best way to end this Charlotte era is to let Ripley win the queen and have a longer term government.

Connor: It’s funny – Charlotte Flair is now represented with the championship on all three brands, and yet she has never felt less valuable to me. Flair seems so distracted by everything that’s happening in the other series, and somehow he has pushed the NXT women’s division (which, I remind you, is still ridiculously stacked) into the background. I think with Becky Lynch leaving at the end of the year, WWE probably thinks Raw could use someone like Flair to secure the division, so they want her back full-time. Also, don’t be surprised if the Shirai Ripley set up to deprive the queen of the title without losing.

Ryan: Not Charlotte. The decision to put a belt on her was confusing when she arrived, and things didn’t get any better. I want Ripley to fool him because it was a joke to book him the last few months. Io Shirai wouldn’t mind either, but Ripley should never take responsibility.

Nick: I’d say Charlotte’s here because she has something else to do? It is clear that the WWE uses its NXT name to integrate it into any show, and this is now only acceptable because it has a name. As soon as she loses it, she will operate entirely under the NXT brand, and it seems that WWE no longer wants to participate. Keeping them in this tension is unfortunately the best solution at the moment.

Evan: No matter who wins, I think it’s a big mistake to give an NXT belt to someone who is not an active NXT wrestler. I agree with Matt that he should probably go back to Ripley.

Will we get a new NXT champion?

at your home (Photo: WWE)

Matt: It looks like Adam Cole was designed for Raw or SmackDown, or maybe even AEW. After a long reign, it should be time for someone else to take over and walk away, so I say yes. However, the stakes in this game don’t seem as high as it should be for a championship game, so Cole may have a little more time to devote to NXT.

Connor: It feels like it’s time. Velveteen is great for what seems forever, and Cole has been holding the belt for over a year now.

Ryan: I’ve said it before, and I was wrong, and I can still be here, but yeah. That’s it. That’s it. The Adam Cole title reigns in pairs, and it’s time to change it.

Nick: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Adam Cole’s had 300 days, and that’s ridiculous for a lot of reasons. It seems that the problem with doing something is the undisputed era as a whole, so maybe it’s time for Cole to lose and move the whole faction to one of the other shows!

Evan: I think we’re gonna do it. With Cole’s reign, it’s time to crown the new champion, and there’s no better time than now.

Is it too early for Keith Lee to lose the North American Championship?

North American Championship (Photo: NXT)

Matt: In any case, even if it seems that one day the Gargano will have the chance to do its time with its belt. This is the beginning of something that could become a big feud, and there is a good chance that Candice LeRay and Mia Yim will play a role in that game. So expect a full DQ or at least a false result, so don’t forget that Lee will always have a title at the end of the game.

Connor: Only if it means a) jumping in Raw or SmackDown or b) going to the NXT Championship.

Ryan: His title will be ruled by about five months, so no, I don’t think it’s too soon in that sense. As for this hostility, maybe it’s because she still has a lot of legs. I see them change names with Lee, and then chase the Gargano to continue their escape. Continuing to hunt heels traditionally doesn’t work, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do it.

Nick: No, not really. Keith Lee is the kind of star that can make everything he does feel important, and if he loses it here, it means it’s time to do bigger and better things. Whether it’s a race with a potential new dream champion or maybe even a chance at Raw or SmackDown.

Evan: At the championships the WWE would play by ear, and Lee’s reign as champion was not an exact stop for the show. A number of champions can have a seat belt within the year, but a few months as a champion is an ideal moment for the transition, so I certainly don’t think it’s too soon.

Connection to the Gargano ring: Star Wars or Wonder?

(Photo: NXT)

Matt: Gargano has worked with Iron Man, Wolverine and The Bloody Massacre in the past, but he’s also a big fan of Star Wars, so with the Mandalorian popularity, if you think we get some Mando action at the end.

Connor: Surprisingly, he’ll be a bad guy again.

Ryan: We have to go, Marvel.

Nick: Something great. Star Wars would be a huge mess or his first big bad guy on pay-per-view if he didn’t look like Father or Mol or whatever. Maybe you could put fake hands together and draw Grievous.

Evan: I don’t understand how the Gargano in imperial attire enters the ring, and I’d be disappointed if it didn’t happen.

Who should be the No. 1 candidate among the 6 participants in the team game with the women’s scores?

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Matt: NXT has several options to choose from, but if you are looking for someone who wants to meet Ripley, choose Kai or LeRae. For Shirai, Mia Yim would make sense, although I’d like Shotzi to shoot Shirai as well, although I don’t think that will happen until Shotzi meets some other people.

Connor: Candice, because she’s incredible.

Ryan: I think Candice and Mia are gonna be involved in this Gargano/Lee conspiracy a little longer. So if I join Ripley, who won the title tonight, I’ll tell Dakota Kai.

Nick: Candice, I think. If the Gargano wins against Lee, it would be a good way to wipe out the black couple.

Evan: Candice, no doubt.

Delete the first three times for the next acquisition of the NXT.

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Matt: I think Balor will be a silver match against Walter, and at the moment preparations for the match between former best friends Candice LeRay and Tegan Knox are in full swing. As for the dream, do you think it’s time for Lee to give up the NA title to get an even bigger prize?

Connor: Velveteen Dream versus Finn Balor, Keith Lee versus Walter (so many hits!), Empire versus Oney Lorcan (drop it!) and Danny Burch.

Ryan: Balor/Walter, Ripley/Ky and Dream/Lee.  To be honest, it is very difficult to say at the moment, because the NXT seems to fluctuate a lot due to the low number of calls waiting on the main list. We’ll see!

Nick: Dream versus ball seems cool, Charlotte versus Ria Ripley will be careful, and Keith Lee versus

Evan: I’m going to mix a bit and Dream/Gargano (both with straps), Ripley/Candice and try to cover it with Balor/Walter.