Ricky Gervais Zings Celebrity PSA Video about Racism

Ricky Gervais made a mockery of the I Take Responsibility social media campaign. The aim of the campaign is to fight racism through videos of celebrities in PSA format. Over the past few weeks, people have protested in every possible way. Some are taking to the streets in North America’s largest cities, others are trying to take the initiative online. I take responsibility for the campaign, where well-known white celebrities take responsibility to reverse the trend against racist sentiment in America, condemn police violence and learn more about the problems of the black community.

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I Take Responsibility PSA includes Julianne Moore, Sarah Paulson, Aaron Paul, Kristen Bell, Debra Brass, Justin Teru, Stanley Tucci and others. Although the video is well-intentioned, comedian Ricky Gervais has managed to find some humour beneath the surface. Mr Gervais posted the video on social networking sites and simply said: The terrible lack of variation in this video. Many people on social networking sites seem to agree with the actor’s comment.

Celebrities of all races have been criticized for saying nothing about the Black Lives Matter movement or for talking too much. There seems to be no boundary between them, as they are cursed when they do, and their cursed when they do not. However, comedian Dave Chappelle may have hit the nail on the head in his unexpected special stand-up released today. Chappelle thinks the world shouldn’t hear him or other celebrities because the street speaks. At these events, people speak for themselves.

In a recent interview Ricky Gervais said he was a celebrity and that he had a public platform. The actor is known for his unfiltered view of things, and his position on celebrities is no different, although he is one of them. Gervais tends to see clearly in business discussions and believes that many famous people are not sincere in their faith. He should have told me.

I have nothing against someone being a celebrity. I think people are just a little tired of teaching. Now, celebrities think: The audience needs to see my face. You can’t go to the movies, I have to do something. And if you look into their eyes, you know that even if they do something good, they think in a certain way: I can cry about being a good person. Oh, my God!

Today, people are trying to do everything they can to talk about racism and find a way to eradicate it. Protests on the streets are sending more and more messages to the world, and even PSA I takes the responsibility to help some people understand, even if it seems a little miserable. Ricky Gervais also helps us to understand things in our own way, and that is ultimately what we need now. The video and Ricky Gervais’ reaction can be found above on Twitter.

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