Stay Home, Watch Horror: 5 Deep Space Horror Movies Stream This Week

Fear is subjective, and people look at horror for different reasons. Horror as an escape from reality. The genre offers infinite creativity, allowing us to explore extreme scenarios, alternative dimensions and creatures from outside, all in the comfort of our own homes. Lately, the horror of running away seems more necessary than ever. So this week we leave the planet and go beyond the horrors that lurk in the furthest corners of space.

Because this is the latest standard Deep Space Horror franchise, I took it off the list this week to highlight other options. But from now on, the Aliens Trilogy will be released on HBO Max, Prometheus can be released on subscription Sling, and Aliens – for broadcast: Pact by FX. Sunshine 2007 is also recommended, but is only available in VOD and rental.

These five horror films bear the physical and psychological nightmares that accompany the exploration of space, from the poignant trauma of isolation to the wild monsters living in hostile territory. They’re all ready to broadcast this week.

Event Horizon – Netflix

Another space horror film, outside the Aliens series, and for good reason. We may never see Paul W.S. Anderson’s haircut, but at least the theatrical haircut is still on. Scary film set in the Neptune area in 2047. The crew of the ship Lewis and Clark, who had been missing for seven years, left following a distress call from the Events Horizon. Soon they discovered that the ship had literally gone to hell and back, and he found a feeling. Lawrence Fishburn in the role of Captain Miller, but Sam Neill steals the film when the designer of Horizon becomes a villain. Wherever we go, we don’t need eyes to see.

Vampire planet – First class video

Two interplanetary ships on an expedition to explore the most remote depths of space respond to a distress signal from a distress transmitter to a nearby unexplored world. The crew of a ship becomes possessed when it enters the atmosphere of the planet, making them murderers when they turn against each other. The survivors will know that they are far from being the first species to set foot on the planet and succumb to its mysterious power. If this story sounds familiar to you, it could have something to do with the fact that it has had a significant influence on foreigners. The Italian maestro Mario Bava staged the show with his usual luminous and sumptuous aesthetics.

High Life – First class video

Claire Denise’s first English-language film (Trouble Every Day) was also a huge genre. Described in a non-linear format, High Life follows a group of death row criminals who were given a second chance at life while on a mission to extract energy from a black hole. The remoteness of space and the psychological turmoil it causes is enough for everyone; criminals are experimented on by a doctor obsessed with artificial insemination to create a child in space. Yeah, it’s as disturbing as it sounds, and it’s not even starting to hide how weird it is. A stunning sci-fi horror film that avoids conventions and simple answers is destined for a more avant-garde cinema.

The visitor is Tubi, voodoo.

Absolutely strange, often incoherent entry into the midnight madness. The emphasis is on insanity. The evil alien Zatteen has escaped from his planet to join Earth. He was eventually arrested, but before his death he multiplied with many earthlings, whose many descendants hid the great potential of evil. One of those descendants is Cathy, an 8-year-old girl trapped in an intergalactic battle of good and evil for the fate of the world. Much of the story takes place on earth, but there are also many glimpses of the alien world. The figure of Christ, satanists, hawks, extraterrestrials, supernatural powers and many other things in the strange lumpitra and close encounters of the third kind. The fact that the American part of the film is heavily edited makes this anomaly even more insignificant and strange. You just have to see it to believe it. This is insane.

Pandorum – Hoopla

The title of the film refers to the psychosis caused by deep space and severe stress. This has an impact on the plot, but what makes this film unforgettable is the constant attack of the monsters. During the installation two crew members wake up from their hypersleep and discover that their colleagues are missing and that strange predators have taken over the ship. Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster direct the cast of this large-scale action-horror show. These kinds of films are not very common these days. Cruelty kills, new creature design and even a little psychological horror is thrown into the mix. Like Kanopy, Hoopla is a free streaming service offered by local libraries. However, if none of the neighboring libraries offer it, Pandorum can also be streamed on HBO Max.

A bonus: The murdering clowns from outer space – Netflix, Tubi, Pluto TV, Hoopla

As for the sensual horror, it’s hard to beat the space clown killers, cute and crazy funny. Because it is installed on earth, it is an extra choice that brings immeasurable joy. Who wouldn’t laugh when these crazy clowns unleash chaos and massacres like shadow puppets, popcorn, cotton candy and circus chaos? All the beautifully distorted thoughts of the Chiodo brothers.pandorum movie download,elysium pandorum,generation ship movie,event horizon imdb,pandorum tamil dubbed movie download,is pandorum a good movie,pandorum shepard,elysium spaceship