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I have had a quandary over the last couple of months. I assessed the Nord Course D Hypex amp and also discovered it a great entertainer, particularly at the cost. I consequently required to companion it with a similarly great seeming preamplifier at the best cost. That was the issue.

I reasoned the only means to accomplish a similarly great audio top quality, at an excellent cost, was to make use of an easy controller. Passives provide exceptional audio top quality as they usually contain just a couple of passive elements and also they usually do not set you back a whole lot.

I assessed the Khozmo easy controller and also it functioned a reward and also had to do with ₤300 too. Nevertheless, the fly in the lotion was it did not match the Nord well. It might not match the characteristics of the energetic preamplifiers I attempted and also the bass was a little soft. Okay for the cash however not fairly there.

I after that assessed the Townshend Allegri. This made use of autoformers. It did not fairly gel with the Nord however was a genuine shock with the Naim power amps. Where to from below?

I spoke with my electronic devices whizz and also he aimed a finger at the Nord utilizing well balanced inputs and also my controllers utilizing phono outcomes. I had actually attempted utilizing a phono/XLR wire, different adaptors which did not fix the issue. I still required an easy controller however with a well balanced outcome. Oh, and also as I pay attention somewhat off centre an equilibrium control would certainly be great. Oh, and also a remote would certainly be excellent. Sadly, easy controllers often tend to be thin on the center’s front.

Nevertheless, I currently had a lot of the solution. The person in charge of the Khozmo passive additionally makes an upmarket variation with super-duper resistors, well balanced inputs and also outcomes, an equilibrium control, a wonderful remote and also a barrier circuit. A what… Well among the concerns with this kind of passive is it utilizes resistors to undermine the signal. This might not provide a suitable suit with the resource and also the power amplifier and also is just one of the factors that individuals make use of transformer based passives. A method around this is to make use of an extremely easy barrier circuit. This aids to match the resource and also amplifier to the preamplifier and also enables the usage of lengthy cords. This preamplifier, the Hattor, additionally can be found in a snazzier instance and also looks much less like a sturdy however cost-matched passive and also even more like a fully-fledged preamplifier. As well as the cost is instead wonderful too.$1600 or concerning ₤1270

So after a couple of exchanges of email, a freshly created Hattor passive preamplifier was sent off to chez George.

As well as what a reward it looks. It is a half-sized instance with a size of 280 mm, elevation 90 mm and also a deepness of 280 mm. It has an electronic screen that reveals the input and also the left and also best quantity degrees. There are 3 button on the front that switch over input, power and also twin mono. There are 2 handles that manage input and also quantity and also in twin mono setting they manage the left and also best quantities individually making it an equilibrium control. When established both quantity controls can be increased/decreased with each other. The preamplifier is powered by a different reduced sound power supply in a wonderful steel box. The preamplifier has an artificial carbon fiber front and also is readily available in various other colours. In general, although a little blingy, it is well made and also appears like severe devices. As well as it can be found in a trip instance.

The remote is blingy and also made from glossy stainless-steel. It has controls for total quantity, different left and also best quantity, resource and also mute. It can additionally manage the illumination of the screen. It will certainly reveal finger prints however is a strong item of package unlike the ₤ 5 plastic remotes usually provided with devices that appear like they originate from the extra components box.

The preamplifier I obtained had 3 phono and also 2 real well balanced inputs with 2 phono and also 2 well balanced outs. You can buy various other versions and also Arek will provide them. The preamp is completely stabilized from input to outcome, having 4 quantity controls with 2 for each and every network. Any type of RCA can be made well balanced and also the opposite. The quantity changes are great with 64 1db actions. Mine included the Takman Rey resistors. Various other flavours are readily available.

There is an added board that functions as the barrier circuit with +6 dB gain, as long interconnects can be made use of. The preamp can be provided without the board (or the board got rid of and also shorting web links included). This board has 2 opamps that can be changed with others such as the Burson or Sparkos variation.

A lot for the summary what did it seem like?

Well I have actually required to utilizing an established program of songs to ‘test’ elements. My very first was my very own production to which I have actually included that made use of by the designers at Cambridge Sound. This checklist gets on their websites. As well as this program does truly evaluate all the major hifi locations such as bass, mid-range, vocals, characteristics, power, soundstage and so on. Yet it really feels much less like paying attention to songs and also even more like a task. So having actually done the examination program I entered into my‘latest music mode’ This provided me a far better admiration of this preamplifier.

It functioned as you would certainly anticipate and also was truly very easy to port right into 3 various pre/power amplifier mixes. The remote jobs as it ought to without any clicks, plops or various other concerns. Not constantly the instance with passives.

So directly right into it with the Nord. I attached the preamp to my Mystical P03/ D03 with well balanced and also later solitary finished cords from Range and also Nordost. The preamp was attached to the power amp in well balanced setting with Clear Sound Super and also Nordost Frey cords. The power amp was made use of with my Audionote audio speakers.

As well as what an audio.

This preamp truly drove the power amp and also there was no loss of characteristics or a soft bass. The soundstage allowed, large and also 3D when it got on the initial recording. The total audio was extremely neutral in a favorable means. This was not neutral and also dull as a great deal of preamps can be however neutral and also vibrant. It records the exhilaration in songs without over stressing the treble or bass. No face regularity action below. Long as you would certainly anticipate with a passive that did not mess concerning with the audio.

So when playing the well videotaped 24/96 Dawn Langstroth cd from Linn, the total audio top quality was excellent with the voice extremely clear, the bass all-natural and also the total audio 3D. When she sings ‘You Don’ t Desired me’ there is actual feeling in her voice. As well as of course, you can hear this was videotaped with Auto-tune. Misa Criolla was videotaped in a huge church/cathedral where the dying away resemble of the choir was quickly listened to. Dystopian Advance by Desire Cinema in 24/96 was a complete blown significant prog rock track with unique results almost everywhere.

On the Cambridge Sound tracks, Little Sadie was exceptionally natural and also extremely intimate. The banjo was extremely practical. The Dido and also Aeneas Act 3 was achingly attractive and also made me rather psychological. The unavoidable Tin Frying pan Street glowed and also was natural with actual characteristics. The bass on the Trip of the Planetary Hippo allowed and also effective however you might still listen to the tone of the bass with the banjo from Bella Flack being all-natural and also clear.

Fantastic what concerning going off-piste … Well I attempted some Acoustic from Straightforward Minds, Applewood Roadway, Secret Jets, Eilen Gem, Emiliana Torrini and also Aaron Neville. The songs was all-natural, comprehensive and also where required extremely effective and also vibrant. The preamplifier made it very easy to obtain included with the songs; it made me depressing, satisfied and also wish to dance … when that is what the songs was planned to do.
Products do not exist in a vacuum cleaner so exactly how does this preamp contrast to others and also exactly how did it collaborate with various other power amps?

I attached the preamplifier to my Audionote Occupation Silver Signatures and also it functioned truly well. It was much much better than the Khozmo passive preamplifier. It was extra vibrant and also had a much more interesting bass. It was much less plain than the Townsend Allegri and also had far better songs circulation and also seemed smoother and also extra, attempt I claim it, natural. It was not as extreme as the M6 however it obtained the closest I have actually come across any type of various other preamplifier. There was actual feeling in the songs, which the Allegri was much less proficient at. Yet it might not match the M6. For a ₤ 1,270 preamplifier that is excellent information contrasted to the much more costly M6 preamplifier. So if you desire an excellent preamplifier for Audionote triodes, with some form of functions, after that this have to get on a checklist of should listen to things.

I after that intended to attempt it out on the Naim300 Nevertheless, with stories of ruin and also grief on attempting such a mix I sent out an email to the people at Naim. They promptly reacted and also stated proceed as the more recent Naim amps are much less conscious utilizing passives. So exactly how did it function? Not so well to be sincere. The songs seemed comprehensive, clear however had a much smaller sized soundstage and also whilst the characteristics were great the songs did not broaden as high as it made with the Allegri. Actually, the Allegri/Naim 300 coupling simply glowed much more than the Hattor and also Naim300 The songs had much more air, characteristics and also break with extremely limited rhythms. Not a terrific success however Naim equipment has a tendency to be rather particular in what it deals with. I approve that Naim is a lot more global currently however not with this kind of passive.

So where are we in recap? Well the Hattor is a terrific success with the Nord. I comprehend why a great deal of individuals utilize this mix. It is a terrific success and also not that costly total for a terrific seeming 400 w/channel mix. If you have a shutoff power amp, after that this is additionally a have to listen to. It functioned truly well with my Collections and also supplied a cleaner audio than some shutoff preamplifiers and also with actual feeling. OK the M6 is a far better wager however it is a whole lot extra costly. For Naim power amps, I can not suggest this pairing particularly with the extra costly Allegri around.

So my quest for a coordinating preamplifier is currently over and also as you might have I presumed I acquired the blighter. I am paying attention to it currently and also young boy is it great. Well done Arek.

HiFiWigwam wishes to take this chance to say thanks to George47 for this unique evaluation. Our goal is to end up being the only relied on resource of info pertaining to HiFi devices in the sector. We have a brand-new material group comprised of expert reporters and also very long time seasoned and also highly regarded Wammers that are objective and also provide actual assessments, which deserves its king’s ransom to any type of expert provider or producer.