Tiny Harris’ Daughter, Heiress Harris Is The Sweetest Young Lady While Dancing On TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ – She’s Proud Of Her Mom Who Was A Song Writer

Harris’ granddaughter, Harris’ heiress, has just discovered that her mother was a writer for LTC No Scrubs, and now she can’t get enough of the song. Watch the nice video Tiny posted on his social network account.

If your child wants to make his tangent! I told her I wrote the song, and that’s all she wants to hear now! @bellatheglitterqueen @caitlinjody_ #NoScrubs #TLC # Tiny subtitles of a video of Hayress dancing with her friends

A fan jumped on the comment and said: The show was stolen… so cute, and somebody else hung it on: rapper‼️ Love this little lady’s energy.

said another supporter: She said we didn’t have time to make gowns, and someone else posted them: It’s her father’s spirit coming out too soft.

The fan wrote: @majorgirl LoL!!!!!!! They say: Aries! She’s done too much! @therealtboz LOOK!!!! ’ and someone else said it: Omg, she’ll kill the industry if she gets involved. Sweet baby! She’s doing her job because she’s in charge! ❤️.

Somebody: Seyress is so cute. She has a huge personality in that little body and loves it, another fan wrote: Fun, that’s her: None at all. None of the Eagles.

the commentator said: It must be nice to see your baby dance to the platinum songs you wrote 20 years later! and another participant posted it: She started out as a dwarf, then she asked for a full tip, and then she got tiny again.

One of Tiny’s fans said Hayress was a singer: The baby’s a soloist. She’s doing her thing! So cute‼️’.

Not so long ago Hayress made the fans laugh in his comments.


The room in the shade was occupied by one of the small clips with baby heir, in which the bright baby listens to his mother’s music and starts crying.


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