Unlock 1.0: Shop timings extended by 2 hours at Chandigarh-Chandigarh

In line with central government guidelines on Unlock 1, the UT Administration announced a series of leisure activities on Monday, including the opening of hair and beauty salons, a two-hour extension to shop opening hours and the opening of shopping centres, restaurants, hotels and religious sites.

Some aid measures will come into effect immediately on Monday, others on Tuesday and still others on the 8th day of the month. June in effect.

Since hairdressing salons and salons are open more than two months after Tuesday, they must follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) announced by the administration on Monday.

said Manoi Kumar Parida, UT consultant: In Chandigar the Covid-19 cases are concentrated in a few bags. We decided that normal operation in clean areas had to be restored and that the economy had to be restored. This will help us to focus our medical care on limited budgets and to get better and faster results.


Whereas in the past the shop hours were consecutive and most shops were open from 10 to 18 hours, the shops will now be open from 10 to 20 hours. However, the above deadlines do not apply to shops selling essential products such as bread, milk, medicines, fruit and vegetables.

The bizarre formula for congested markets will be maintained. Weekly store closings are announced before they close.

The private sector and public institutions are now allowed to use 75% of the funds and from the 8th month of the year onwards they are not allowed to use them. June calls 100% of their employees.


No entry permits are required for entry from other countries. At the border, however, a random selection is made and visitors are asked to carry out a self-check within 14 days.

Residents of Chandigar who wish to purchase a travel ticket to visit other states can contact the District Judge online. These badges are only issued to persons outside the location area. The district judge will make the final decision on the suitability of these passes.

All entry and exit restrictions on the Chandigar site have been lifted. You can now use all connection routes.

However, the government of the Union has not yet relaxed the conditions previously applied to vehicles with regard to the maximum number of persons permitted.


All shopping malls, restaurants and hotels are accessible from the 8th floor. Open in June. However, they must adhere strictly to the standard operating procedures announced by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

It should be noted that although the UT Regulation provided a detailed description of the relaxation, it was no longer available from the 8th day of the year. In June, restaurants in the city are allowed to go out, but Parida explained that the administration, in accordance with the MHA instructions, generally allows restaurants to go out from the 8th month. June to serve food to customers on their premises.

Besides, as of 8. In June, the use of separate community centres for wedding ceremonies (50 people) and last rites (20 people) is allowed.