Urvashi Rautela copy-pastes US writer’s tweet on Parasite, he asks ‘why didn’t she at least correct the grammar?’ – bollywood

Actor Urvashi Rautela once again became controversial about plagiarism when she shared her opinion on Twitter about the Oscar-winning film Parasite, or rather – the pasteurization of the New York author JP Brammer’s views. Urwashi has already shared his tweets with the Gigi Hadid and PM Narendra fashion model without any real evaluation.

On Twitter to talk about the parasite, Urwashi wrote on Tuesday: The only thing I really like about @Movie Parasite is that the celebrities are not presented as thugs who pretend to do a good job, but that they do it perfectly! What they lack are not skills, but the institutional approvals and the bows and ribbons loved by the rich.

John, however, was not offended by the fact that Urvashi was tweeting, but said he was encouraging him. The author commented on a collage of screenshots of his and Urwashi’s tweets posted by the user to draw his attention to the incident.

Why didn’t she at least correct the grammar… my bad grammar… …is part of the vitality… Wow…

– JP (@jpbrammer) 31. March 2020

He didn’t stop and wondered why Urvashi hadn’t learned the grammar. He tweeted: Why didn’t she at least correct the grammar? My bad grammar is part of the speaking skills.

Urwashi supporters responded quickly with screenshots of John’s Twitter, many of which called her a thief. said the supporter: This is no time to get a brain. I wrote the other one: Why doesn’t the smiling face that rolls out of my eyes surprise me?

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Urvashi was one of those contradictions in the past. The actor wished Shabana Azmi a speedy recovery after the car accident. However, your tweet was a copy of a tweet posted by none other than PM Modes. Earlier she had also copied a note from model Gigi Hadid, which she had written to silence the media.