Woman ‘wiped sanitary pad’ on hospital door shouting ‘there’s your coronavirus’

Royal Brompton and Harfield Hospital NHS Trust, Chelsea, London.

Cornelia Azaria would have fallen into a blind rage when she was told she could not be seen at the Royal Brompton Hospital in Chelsea, London (Photo: Pennsylvania).

A woman rubbed a sanitary towel on the hospital door and screamed: Here’s your coronavirus after blindly exposing it to an NHS employee who listens to it in court.

Cornelia Azaria, 31 years old, is said to have torn her pants and spit when she was killed on November 30th. In March, at the Royal Brompton Hospital in Chelsea, London, it was said that she could not be seen by the emergency room. The court heard her scream: Look at my joke when security guard Mohammed Nurin tried to get her out of the room.

After a few moments she came back with the used sanitary towel and rubbed it on the door in front of the frightened staff and the screaming patients: Here’s your coronavirus for you boys, the Westminster Court said. In a tirade of intimidation from the backseat of a police car, the suspect allegedly called agent Alesha Dixon a white cock and said to her: If I spit on you, I’ll bash your head in.

Azaria, who had no fixed abode, appeared on the bench with a grey headgear and a prisoner’s sports suit without legal representation. She refused to file a complaint in two cases of violence and assault by beating an ambulance escort, denial, serious racial harassment and criminal damage.

Royal Brompton and Harfield Hospital NHS Trust, Chelsea, London.

The guards tried to remove the suspect from the building before she returned, and rubbed a used sanitary towel on the door for the staff and patients (Photo: EV).

District Judge Michael Snow has taken Azaria into custody so that he could be released on March 29. April at Isleworth Crown Court.

Timothy Bryan, the prosecutor, said she went to the Royal Brompton Hospital at 9 p.m. where she was told there was no emergency room.

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She was sent to another hospital and when an attempt was made to accompany her, she spit on a staff member, a guard, and hit him in the face.

Then she pulled down her pants, took off her clothes and said: Look at my cat, and she was thrown out of the hospital, but she came back and used a sanitary towel to soil the hospital’s glass doors.

While she was doing it, she said, here’s your coronavirus for you.

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