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Tindags in abridged form
Neena Gupta, Divya Dutta, Sanjay Kapoor, Manjot Singh, Deepak Dobriyal, Isha Talwar, Rome Call
Gautam Govind Sharma, Punarvasu Nike, Rakesh Sain, Smrutika Panigrahi, Tahira Kashyap, Dr. Winai Chhaval, Vijayeta Kumar.

Most people would be embarrassed if they were told to take stock of their lives, as the Sundays briefly asked. Every day brings its trials, every moment of happiness seems to have a stab in its tail. Call it fortitude, or whatever you want to call it, but the hope for a better future, for a happier future, keeps us going. Oscar-winning director Guneet Monga took seven of these stories, seven short films describing different aspects of our lives, and called them Zindagi inShort. Stories about different aspects of life can make you smile – and not just a light touch from your upper lip, but a smile from ear to ear.

Zindagi short-term monitoring trailer

It is impossible to arrange these miracles in any order, but Tappad is clearly my favorite. This film, directed by Vinay Chhawaal, tells the story of a sibling duo in an isolated village where these two characters are the only ones. But the intelligence with which it was only filmed on an iPhone with a talent package, namely Shaffin Patel, meets it as a powerful statement against bullying.

True to his name, Thappad spent hours chasing the echoes of a child defending his sister while doing the unthinkable. With silence, slow motion and a setting in which the maker focuses on intimidation instead of hooligans, the narrator conveys the essential – power brings no change, and the courage to stand on one’s own two feet.

Shafin Patel in a Thappad cell in Zindaga could be any minute.

We don’t know how strong we are until we’re strong. And nothing explains this better than Tappad and another short introduction of Divya Dutta as a cruel housewife in Sleeping Partner. The difficult story of a woman who feels tolerated until she can no longer stand it, shows how she kills two birds with one stone. And that’s enough to impress you, not only with Divya’s character picture, but also with the way a woman finds her courage.

Impressive films include the short film Swaah by Deepak Dobriyal and Isha Talwar. This is not only a Sanskrit word that means to sacrifice something to the sacred fire, but also an emotion when one spoils something that cannot be redeemed. No one ever doubts Dobrijal’s comic period or his rustic personality, but even Isha shows an untapped potential that deserves to be emphasized.

Sanjay Kapoor and Divya Dutta play a married couple in Zindagi inShort’s Sleeping Partner.

Chadju Ke Dahi Bhalle is also a good love story that cannot overcome the old barriers that stand in its way. It is like a breathtaking work of art that you can see from afar but cannot touch.

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Life, no matter how great it is, leaves behind an old and vulnerable man, at the mercy of his own fate, ignored by his loved ones. Nano Seo Phobia and Pinnie Nina Gupta are the easiest to report. While the first refers to the situation of the elderly, whose fear can be greater than that of the soul, the second defines a middle-aged woman reduced to a sweet tooth for her daughter, her husband and her family. If you can praise Ayushman Hurrana’s talent on the screen, watch his wife Tahir Kashayp give sugar to his pinni.

Neena Gupta plays Zindaga’s Pinny housewife in short.

Among these touching stories is Sunny Side Up-ar, who reminds us that we must never forget – life must be lived before it ends. Like the name, it shakes up the city’s youth, their most dedicated connection to their Netflix account. Whether you’re an egg or not, the positive side of things should always be a reason to smile at a million worries. Guneet Monga certainly brought him home, short film after short film.

The lessons they taught us and those who didn’t were the best.

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